Not all food items that claim to be healthy are truly healthy. A user asked the forum, “What supposedly ‘healthy’ junk food have you been consuming without realizing it was junk food?” Here are the top responses. 


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“Jerky loaded with brown sugar.”


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“Fruit juice. My entire life, I thought that fruit juice was just fruit and water, so I drank a 1/2 gallon every day, at least 100% juice and not from concentrate.

Now I see I was just ingesting massive amounts of sugar without the fiber. Oh, and heavy metals. Probably pesticides, too.”


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“Not me, but I know granola bars and fruit juice are often the main culprits.”


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“Cliff bars. I was eating the peanut butter ones like crazy. Then I saw how much sugar it had. Finding a healthy protein bar that is more than just a chocolate bar is frustrating. Now, I eat RX bars because they’re the lowest sugar without going artificial.”


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“Kinda ashamed of this one, but it took me until late high school to realize kids’ cereal was super bad for you (fruit loops, lucky charms, etc.)

I always read the back of the box, saw dozens of minerals like iron, and thought it was a superfood.”


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“Salad dressings with lots of sugar and bad oils in them.”


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“Veggie straws. Total junk food.”


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“I used to do low-fat yogurts. A lot of low-fat yogurts are jacked up with sugar. They’re essentially desserts.”


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“I also was doing peaches and cream oatmeal for a long time. It’s also got a substantial amount of sugar. I am pre-diabetic, so I can’t eat it all that much anymore, though I do love it.”


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“Full sugar Gatorade. You shouldn’t drink it unless you’re killing it for a workout, in my opinion. Also, I had to remove this from my diet.”


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“Anything labeled sugar-free. Once I stopped consuming foods/drinks containing sweeteners and just watched my natural sugar intake (limiting to 1 fruit a day, etc.) 

I felt so much better and had a much easier time losing weight. I don’t understand its science, just empirical observation from my experience.”


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“Diet drinks. I always thought Diet Coke or other zero-calorie pre-workout was a ‘healthy’ alternative. Then I realized that Aspartame and Sucralose were messing with my gut biome, ultimately making me addicted to the zero calorie sweeteners, and likely making me crave real sugar, as well.”


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“Those veggie fry-shaped chip things. They are just as unhealthy as regular chips and offer no nutritional value from the ‘veggie’ ingredients. Just get Doritos instead and enjoy them more.”


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“Orange Chicken! It’s just fried chicken with sugary goodness on top.”


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“Oat milk! It’s got canola oil in it, which I actively try to avoid because of my inflammatory condition. It’s sad because almond milk takes a ton of water to make. It’s probably best to go without readily accessible non-dairy milk.”


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“Processed meats are listed as a class 2 carcinogen. That stuff that we were told to put on our sandwiches so that we’d have some protein is horrible for us.”


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“Nuts as a large snack. The serving sizes for most nuts are barely 1/4 of a cup. I would snack on them all day and not realize how many calories I was taking in and how much fat! They’re one you have just to watch portions on.”

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