Getting plastic surgery done is becoming popular day by day, but people are conflicted about whether it should be done or not. A user asked the forum, “Change my view: If you have the money, you should get plastic surgery.” Here are the top responses. 


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“Plastic surgery can be dangerous and sometimes even fatal. It’s still a surgery, and there’s still medical risk.”


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“The potential risks outweigh the benefits for me. I’ve never been under general anesthesia, and I’m almost 50. I’m not going to do that willingly at this point. I have zero baseline for how I’ll react. The best-case benefit is looking slightly better. I don’t need that.”


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“I think the value of even ‘good’ plastic surgery is vastly overstated.

Some 4/10 girl is not going to become a 9/10 after enough surgery. A significant percentage of the population can probably gain more from losing weight or getting in better shape than plastic surgery.

It’s a lot of money for a good doctor, and even they can make mistakes. Plus, even if they get it right, the improvement is marginal at best. I saw every before and after photo even after they did all the right angles and photoshop. Don’t improve a person all that much.”


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“Beauty is subjective and is constantly changing even faster nowadays since trend cycles are so quick. There’s no way to know for sure that your surgery will make you physically attractive in 10, 20, 30+ years. Plastic surgery chasing a single definition of beauty doesn’t exist, and trends will continue.

We have no way of knowing where we are in a trend cycle, so there’s always a risk of your plastic surgery getting deemed ugly very soon and defeating the purpose. 

What happens when you get fox eye surgery, but your eyes are in next week? You shave off your nose bridge, but then Roman Noses make a comeback? You get a Brazilian Butt Lift, but another shape is back in fashion! You get a breast job, but suddenly, small chests are in. You toss your buccal fat in the garbage, and whoops, now moon-faced beauties are all the rage.

Plastic surgery is a permanent solution to a temporary problem.”


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“I can’t believe we still have to say this in 2023, but plastic surgery won’t fix what’s ugly on the inside, and it may lead people to overlook red flags. That’s part of how Ted Bundy was able to lure women to their deaths. 

Also, even with a good surgeon and a reputable clinic, it happens. A patient can go into cardiac arrest, develop an infection, or, somewhere down the line, have complications from surgery. So many women are having their breast implants removed because they are poisoning them. 

I sincerely hope that as you get older, you’ll realize how problematic this view is.”


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“Looks fade. If you only pick a partner for life based on looks, you will end up having to force her to go in for surgery every ten years; that is just toxic. I hope everyone sees you for who you are before they go further in the relationship. I hope you look to be with someone who makes you laugh and likes you for you. 

You can agree that both of you should try and eat healthy and at least go for walks, but the physical look shouldn’t matter.”


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“Self-confidence is more attractive than the hottest face in the world. Getting plastic surgery is inherently an insecure thing, in my opinion, the opposite of confidence.

People fall in love with average and ugly people all the time because we are all so much more than looks. I suggest not getting surgery and working on more important things like charisma. 

Why would you want to be with someone who only picked you because you had your face modified to look a certain way?”


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“Normalisation of body dysmorphia is what plastic surgery is.”


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“You can’t just get most plastic surgeries one time and expect it to look good forever. Some you have to get redone for safety, like breast implants. That liposuction doesn’t last as you age, and your metabolism slows down. That facelift doesn’t pause aging; it just dials back some of the effects for a while. It’s not a lasting investment; there’s no return on the investment unless you’re doing it for sugaring, modeling, performing, or prostitution work. 

It costs more than just the procedure; you need some time off from work to get it done and recover. Recovery is tedious and painful. If you are lucky enough to have good results and a decent recovery, it’s very tempting to get more for even more subjective ‘flaws.'”


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“Plastic surgery is painful. There is no need to go under that much pain just to improve your looks.

Even good plastic surgery doesn’t improve your looks much. I have had friends who had plastic surgery. It doesn’t look botched or natural, yet I honestly can say none of them improved their looks. 

Your minor flaws you try to fix are often things other people don’t even notice or care about.”


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“In a world where people are starving and dying of preventable diseases, and we have issues like the climate crisis to combat, it’s egotistical and unethical to put lots of money on luxuries like plastic surgery.”


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“Plastic surgery and social media are destroying people’s mental health. We should learn to love ourselves.”


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“I don’t think there’s anything wrong with it, but I’ve never seen plastic surgery make anyone look any better at all. You end up looking kinda weird.”


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“You’ve never heard the term, ‘beauty is only skin deep?’ Beauty is about far more than looks. As you get older, your tastes will change. What’s attractive to you now will be in less than 20 years, or shouldn’t be anyway.

Take care of your mental and physical health first and foremost, and don’t get caught in the trap that you’re only as good as you look. It can be a relief to grow old and no longer care about how you look.”


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“It can be painful and invasive, dangerous for some. Bodily autonomy is everything, and the money could be spent on much better things.”

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