What is one thing that people do that instantly increases your respect for them?

A netizen recently asked, “What makes you instantly respect a woman?”. Below, we’ve listed the top responses.

No Double Standards

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“When she holds herself to the very standards she expects of her partner.”, said one.

“This is huge. Can’t handle a hypocrite or double standards. I’ve seen so many women that set tons of expectations on their partners but don’t follow the same rules when it comes to their own behavior.”, another added.

A Decent Human Being

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“Acts like a decent human being. Confident but not arrogant. Kind but not to the point where she has a problem saying no. Treats everyone with general respect and politeness unless someone gives her a reason not to.”

Kindness Without Expectations

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“Being kind without expecting something in return is something that makes me respect anybody from any gender.”, said one.

“Kindness. A welcoming smile is usually a good solid indicator for this.”, another added.


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“When she’s honest. Don’t put on an act, don’t overdo the first impression nonsense, don’t pretend to be nicer than you are, don’t lie to get away with things. Be honest. Tell it like it is. I always do, and I need you to match that.”

Organized, Patient, And Empathetic

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“Organized, patient and empathetic at heart with good communication command respect for me.”

Her Accountability And Ability To Handle Stress

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“If she is accountable and how she handles stress. Some people brush it off like it’s a breeze in the wind and others break down and blame others and that is lame.”

The Way She Carries Herself

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“The way she carries herself. I had one beautiful and elegant female friend who was single for a long time and said she just didn’t find the right guy.

I thought she was arrogant, but one day, she approached an acquaintance and said: ‘I think you are a great guy and don’t know why you’re not married. But just so that you know, if you asked me out I’d say yes’. Like you really have to be at peace with yourself to say that kind of thing.”

Treats The Staff Well

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“Treats the staff well and isn’t an entitled jerk just because she is pretty.”

Knows Her Goal And Pursues It

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“Knowing what she wants and actually pursuing it. Not waiting on someone to tell her what to do.

But this is people in general. People that know what they want are instantly 1000% more attractive.”


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“Sometimes it’s very rare to see a truly intelligent woman.

Oozing intelligence is attractively hot in a once-in-a-million kinda of way. Hot in a respectful kind of way.

By intelligence not really academic per se but still counts but socially and consciously aware of herself and her environment and where she belongs in the grand scheme of things.

Accepting herself for who she is and knowing her limitations but focusing on what truly makes her happy as a human being without being intimidated by her environment.

Really hard to find the words by yeah… I tried though.”

Her Social Media Isn’t Full Of Immodest Photos

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“A woman instantly earns my respect when I see that her social media isn’t full of promiscuous photos. Women posting their bodies in exchange for attention and validation is the norm these days so when I see a woman who is humble about how hot she is, it’s very refreshing.”

Can Laugh At Herself

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“They don’t immediately jump to ‘that’s mansplaining’ type of comments. They can laugh at themselves.”

Her Basic Humanity

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“Her basic humanity, in general, is enough for me to respect her.”

Happy In Her Own Skin

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“When I see a woman smiling to herself in public. People who are happy in their own skin command so much respect. When 95% of people are miserable phone zombies.”

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