While New York City holds a certain allure for many non-Americans, does its appeal extend to the American population itself? Let’s delve into this intriguing question.

A netizen recently asked, “Is it common among Americans wanting to visit/move to New York City one day?”.

The Original Poster, OP adds, “Hey there, I’m from Germany and as a child I always had the dream to visit and maybe even live in New York City one day since it seemed so cool and exciting to me (now it’s not the case anymore).

I was wondering if this kind of dream is more a European thing since we don’t know the US so much and the US is more exciting in general for us or is this also common for many Americans?”.

Have a look at other people’s responses.

Super Common Place To Visit

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“I think it’s a super common place to visit. As far as moving, that’s more of a personality thing (kinda same as wanting to move to LA IMO, it’s not someone everyone is interested in whatsoever, but it’s also not uncommon to hear of people who do want to move to NYC or LA!)

I highly recommend visiting NYC as well. There is so much to do and see. I always have a great time.”

Living Here Is A Common Fantasy

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“People romanticize living here so it’s a common fantasy. I’ve been here for 10 years and I still really like it, but there are a lot of dreamers who come here and get washed out.”

For Visiting, Yes…Living, Not Really!

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“Visit, sure, that’s pretty common.

Move, not too common. More common with theater kids in high school.

I would never want to live there.”

Fairly Common For High Schoolers Or College Kids

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“It’s fairly common for, say, high school or college kids to set it as an ambition, particularly if they’re at all arty. Also, if you want to just leave your hometown, it’s a good opposite to a lot of kid’s hometowns.

As you can see, there’s also a lot of performative ‘I would *never*’ business.”

Depends On Career And Personal Objectives

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“New York City is huge in finance, advertising, and entertainment. It also is an amazing gathering of people who are able to thrive in close proximity with other people of many different cultures and personalities harmoniously in comparison to many other areas.

I honestly think these qualities scare most people who do not consider New York City as a place they want to live.”

Very Expensive For Living

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“Visit, yes it is one of the most popular cities for tourism. Live…Well, it’s very expensive, which tells you that demand is high. I’d certainly like to live there and part of me wishes I had just gone for it when I graduated college. Oh well.”

It’s A Pretty Universal Thing

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“I think it’s a pretty universal thing to visit at the very least for a lot of Americans. It’s definitely one of the most American places to visit considering the amount of history it has and what it means to the country as a whole.

I remember visiting NYC as a young child and really loving the sights and sounds of the big city and wanted to live there, but as an adult, I see how filthy it is, and how overpriced everything is, and I’m more than happy to just visit on the weekends.”

It Cannot Be Generalized

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“I know a good portion of Americans who have no interest in ever going to New York City. Too busy, crowded, and crime rate is high. I also know a good portion who want to go.

I think many don’t want an apartment but a house with a yard. I don’t think it can be generalized to Americans that it’s ‘common’ as so many people have different wants.”

Visiting Is Great

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“Visiting is great. As a West Coast guy, our cities are far more built out than built up. It feels like its own world compared to what I’m used to.

Zero chance I’d ever live there, just not for me. Plus a horse bit me, so I figured the natives didn’t want me there anyway.”

Living There Is More Like A Nightmare

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“Living there would be more of a nightmare for me. Too many people, too few green spaces.”

It Does Make Sense To Me

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“As a New Yorker, I thought it was just an American thing until I started watching non-US content during the pandemic and was floored by how many films and TV shows around the world feature at least one character dreaming of living/traveling to or actually living in NYC.

It does make sense to me because NYC is such a melting pot that you could move here without knowing any English and just settle in that one pocket of the city where everyone speaks your native language and go days without hearing anything else.”

That Desire Has Waned A Bit By Now

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“I was a bit obsessed with NYC when I was a kid and really wanted to visit, but I think that desire has waned a bit in recent years. I honestly think I’d rather visit Chicago at this point in my life.

As for living in NYC? Absolutely not!”

Never Ever

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“I have never wanted to move to New York City. It seems way too crowded, expensive, hot, hectic, expensive, rushed, mean-spirited, and expensive.”

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