Though all jobs deserve respect, some are more highly regarded in society. A user took it to the forum, and asked “What profession do you have 0 respect for?”. Here are the top responses.


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“Scam call centers. You’ve got to be a certain type of evil to prey on the elderly.”, said one user.

“This is precisely why I quit cold calling. I hated that we’d have to call the elderly, most widowed and lonely and would want a chat. It was awful. I hated the hang ups and rude responses but this was too much.”, said another user.


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“Multi-level marketing is the first thing that came to mind for me. They’re pyramid schemes where over 98% of people lose money. I don’t know how they are legal, it’s mind boggling.”, said one user.


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“I’m not famous and paparazzis angers me.”, said one user.

“I hate people who make a living out of spying on publicly known people.”, said another user.


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“Faith healers and people who claim they can talk to a family’s dead relatives (Mediums I believe)”, said one user.

“They take advantage of emotionally vulnerable people and basically tell them what they think they want to hear. It’s such a scam.”, said another user.


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“Predatory religious salespeople masquerading as people of faith.”, said one user.


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“There was a period of time I was so broke that I had to close my bank account (due to regularly being overdrawn and then receiving overdraft fees) and ended up relying on payday loans and check cashing places.

It’s so predatory, good god I lost so much of my paycheck to those places when I was already desperate.”, said one user.

“Payday lending is just preying on the poor to ensure the cycle never stops.”, said another user.


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“It angers me that the government hands hundreds of millions of our tax dollars in the form of subsidies annually to highly profitable companies like Nike and Apple.

We could make Medicare and Social Security solvent and still leave enough for huge tax breaks. It also means we don’t really have a free market economy.”, said one user.

“Lobbying is legal bribery that BOTH political parties want.”, said another user.


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“Social media industry! I think it’s so fake and you need to lie to yourself and others to be good at this industry.”, said one user.


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“Legit animal rescue videos are well-received, so people stage animals in dangerous or unsafe conditions to fake rescue them for the clicks. Or put together faked/staged, wasteful, and/or very unsafe ‘hack’ videos again for the clicks.”, said one user.


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“There is an entire industry in America built on third party companies ‘buying your debt’ from other companies that charge outrageous and unrealistic amounts just for them to “resell” you your own debt at a discount.

It works like this. You go to the hospital for stitches after an accident cooking, they charge you $7800 for the numbing agent and the 6 stitches. Insurance covers most of that but you’re left with $1000 to cover.

You can’t pay $1k out of pocket so after a couple weeks they ‘sell’ this debt to a third party company for a fraction of the total amount, let’s say $250.

This third party company now reached out to you saying ‘Hey we have an offer for you on that $1k in medical debt. For just $500 we can call it good and move on’. Most people think ‘what a deal!’.

Then they do what they can to cover this amount now half the original cost, meanwhile this company just made 100% profit on its investment. All because the hospital was trying to charge you quadruple what they actually value the debt at in the first place.”, said one user.


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“It’s up there with the influencers that you mention. I don’t know how some 25-year-old is going to coach me on life. What the hell do you know about life, 4 years ago you were still debating double majoring French literature and Communications which got you nowhere.

So now you want to be a life coach because you have no idea what you want to do with your life, and so you want to feed off of other people who have no idea what they’re doing with their life.”, said one user.

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