Let’s discuss your dream job, and we can see if there are any surprising twists on this common aspiration.  What’s yours? A user asked, “What’s your dream job? No matter how cliche it sounds.” Here is what people shared

1. Author

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“Author. I want to disappear into my bedroom, write a book, publish it, disappear again, and watch people enjoy it.”

“I want to be a best-selling fantasy writer.”

2. Photography

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“To travel the world and be a wildlife/landscape photographer.”

“That’s actually fairly doable if you could grow a following online. You could then sell prints and have fine art shows at galleries.”

3. Blacksmith

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“I want to be a blacksmith.. live a simple life. Wake up with the sunrise, make a cup of coffee, head out to work shack on my property and crack some hot iron/steel, make some cool stuff.”

4. Pilot

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“My childhood dream job was to be a pilot, but I get very sick on airplanes so yeah. No bueno.”

“I wanted to be a pilot but went through college first at the advice of my parents. Got a job and after a few years finally decided, I’m going to do it. At 27 years old, with a bachelor’s degree in hand, I called an air force recruiter and asked what I would need to do to sign up to become a pilot. I was told that I was “too old” to join the program.”

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5. Voice Actor

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Voice actor for cartoons.”

6. Race Car Driver

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“Race car driver, for as long as I can remember. But there’s an old joke: How do you make a small fortune in racing? Start with a large one.”

“I wanna work for an F1, MotoGP, or IndyCar racing team. Strategist or pit crew. Traveling, competing, and watching races sounds like a hell of a time!”

7. Not Need A Job

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“My dream job is not needing one. Something like that. It’s not that I don’t want to work, or that I don’t want to contribute, or that I don’t want to add value, or that I don’t want to help others, or that I don’t have ambitions – I most certainly do… I just don’t want to feel like I need to slave most of my life away from being profitable for shareholders to “earn” my right to exist.”

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8. Psychologist

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“Consultant psychologist that sits in on high-end job interviews to assess applicants. Like 500K plus jobs.”

9. Re-doing Old Houses

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“Realistic dream job would be rehabbing old houses. Not like a flipper using builder-grade stuff to make a quick buck but really taking the time to bring old house charm back using my own hands. Throw in there a side gig of teaching older kids how to do some work, and I’d be super happy.”

10. Selling Retro Videogames

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“I want to have a shop selling retro videogames. Old Nintendo, Sega, Atari, PlayStation, etc. Also, some newer stuff, but mostly the old classic games”

11. Film Director

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“Film Director. I want to make historical films.”

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12. Archaeologist

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“Archaeologist. As a kid, I always wanted to be just like Indiana Jones.”

13. Detective

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“My dream job is being a detective”

14. Board Game Designer

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“Board game designer. I have prototypes of several games already, but haven’t yet made one that sings.”

15. YouTuber

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“YouTuber or Twitch streamer. I love the thought of getting paid for my hobbies. It does feel like a pipe dream, though, everyone talks about how difficult it is to stay consistent with your content and get a large enough audience to support yourself financially.”

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