The myriad of part-time job opportunities available to college students offers a range of physical and online options, catering to varying levels of exertion. A user took it to the forum, and asked “What is a low risk side hustle as a university student?”. Here are the top responses. 


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“Tutoring students is a great side hustle option. As it involves academics, it helps you as well.”, said one user.


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“Set up an enthusiastic profile on Rover and on, add pics of you with dogs and cats (95% of pets) from friends or at the dog park, print biz cards and flyers plaster all over your area, set your first rates very low to get customers, get testimonials from them, add to profile, raise rates.

Add pet first aid training when you can afford it. Have a rule: no aggressive pets.”, said one user.


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“Buy a pressure washer and charge neighbors $100 to pressure wash their driveways, homes etc.”, said one user.


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“Pizza delivery job is a good idea, especially if you work evenings. I used to make $200 tips on a rare good night!”, said one user.


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“Grab yourself a free certificate to help you grow in many different careers: IT Support, UX Design, Data Analytics, Project Management and Digital Marketing”, said one user.


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“Affiliate marketing is one of the side hustles I suggest to everyone. In simple terms, companies like Nike will have an affiliate program where you can earn a commission when someone purchases something from them through your unique link.

So you can start a health and fitness tiktok, build up an audience and have Nike trainers as the link in your profile, if someone purchases you make something like a 3-5% commission on that sale.”, said one user.


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“I started with reselling, finding items for free on Facebook marketplace and flip them for a profit. Then move up to purchasing items, head to thrift stores and look on ebay SOLD listings (has to be sold not just the normal listing’s that can be set at any price and never sell).

It’s pretty fun when you get into it, especially when you buy something for like $3 and sell it for $150.”, said one user.


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“Start building a non-tech business in your free time. There are lots of great options like carpet cleaning, pressure washing, commercial cleaning, etc.”, said one user.


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“Work for a virtual call center.”, said one user.


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“You can try Griffin. It’s an investment app so obviously there is some risk but it’s not a lot and you don’t have to look at or think about it.

Every time you spend money at a location, Griffin will take a dollar from your account and invest it into that company’s stock. You make money on those investments but also you can sell the stock if you are really broke.

I’ve never sold my initial investment so it can always make me more. I’ve pulled 80 dollars from the app three separate times. It’s not a lot of money but you definitely make some .”, said one user.

“If you play a lot on your phone, you can get mist play. It’s slow, but you don’t have to put money in to get money out. Just download new games often and keep on the boosted games when you can.

It’s not a lot of money either, but I’m almost $50 bucks towards a PayPal cash out and have had two $25 ones in the past.”, said another user.

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