In our fast-paced world, we often form hasty opinions about things we encounter, from unfamiliar foods and hobbies to strangers we meet. While this instinctive approach can be helpful in making quick decisions, it can also lead us to prematurely dismiss experiences that could enrich our lives. This article explores 15 seemingly unappealing experiences that deserve a second glance.

A user asked, what is something that everyone loves to trash but actually isn’t that bad?

1. Branded and Chain Bookstores

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“People trash talk on chain bookstores, but when your town doesn’t have any indie shops, Barnes and Noble are vital.”

“It’s the same with other shops, everyone says to shop local but in my town other than a bookshop and a wool shop and maybe a couple of other little gin shops it’s all big chain shops. I’d have to travel at least half an hour on the train to find individual local shops. And even then that’s Cornwalls’ only city, and it’s not exactly swimming in local shops.”

2. GMO’s

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“GMOs (In principle). When you can solve global food issues by making crops more pest-resistant or drought resistant, you should. Demanding non-GMO everything is a first-world problem.

(Yes, I know about the problems that arise from corporations controlling modified seeds, but that’s why I clarified the principle of modifying organisms isn’t inherently wrong).”

“Norman Borlaug was awarded the Nobel peace prize and the presidential medal of Freedom for a reason. GMOs have saved billions of lives from starvation.”

3. Anything Teenagers Like

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“Taylor Swift, Tiktok, Wednesday, stranger things, etc.”

“Interestingly enough, everyone who looks down on teenage girls’ music tastes forgets that they were the ones who discovered and brought about the Beatles’ initial raging success. And Elvis. The same thing is happening now with Harry Styles.”

“Teenagers and college kids. They’re just kids.”

4. Vanilla Ice Cream

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“Vanilla is an extremely complex flavor, and there’s a reason it’s used as a base for so many ice creams. How this turned into “She’s so vanilla” or “the relationship was vanilla” is incomprehensible to me. Give me some of that vanilla goodness any day.”

5. Taco Bell

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“It’s my go-to fast food place. I have no idea how Taco Bell became the butt of every joke when Long John Silver’s is right there. Even Arby’s is better than that.”

“People who eat zero fiber most of the time eat beans at Taco Bell, and their digestive systems freak out.”

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6. Carbs

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“Carbs, weirdly.

I mean, yes, don’t go overboard eating chips and fries and stuff all the time, but potatoes and real rice (not that minute stuff) in moderation are ok.”

“Also, green veggies have carbs, green beans, and things. Like everything else, it’s just moderation.”

7. Minivans

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“My minivan gasped its last breath, and I replaced it with an SUV as my kids were just about out of the age where a minivan wasn’t necessary anymore. Within a year, I traded that back in for a minivan. My friends thought I was crazy that I wanted one over needing one!

Second-row Captains Chairs, plenty of storage for road trips, are much more affordable (feature for feature) than an SUV, and they drive like a car instead of a truck. I could even stuff my small kayak inside (I’m too short of using roof racks easily.) What’s not to love?

Most minivan hate comes from people who have never had one!”

8. Game of Thrones

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“Game of Thrones. Yeah, the last season wasn’t good – but it was perfect for a long time and expanded what a TV show could do in terms of production. There’s a reason why every fantasy series under the sun is getting adapted now.”

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9. Long Distance Relationships

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“Especially long-distance ones. Everyone and their mom want to say they’re cheating on you, but things will work out if you’re in it to seriously be in it.”

“Been with my partner for 14 years and 4 of which were long distance thanks to college. It wasn’t easy, but it wasn’t hard not to be a jerk or cheat.”

10. Pineapple on pizza

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“Pineapple on pizza isn’t my favorite thing, but I don’t get the people who treat it like it’s some mortal cooking sin. They should reserve that hatred for a banana on pizza.”

“Fresh pineapples, the little pepperonis that curl and crisp up in the oven, fresh jalapeño, small crunchy bacon bits. Sweet, salty, spicy, smokey.”

11. Modern Music

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“Modern music. I hear it from people my age, 41 ahems. There has always been bad music; we tend to forget about it and only remember the good stuff. I am always listening to new stuff. The kids are alright.”

12. Android

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“Androids. Much better phone than the iPhone, without Apple’s ridiculous closed ecosystem. The cameras are better, and the interface is better, but people would always trash-talk about it. Never understood that”

13. Homeschool

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“Homeschool. It’s really saving my autistic kid from the torture (for him) of public school. It’s taken soooooo much stress and heartache out of our lives. My daughter thrives in public school, but it’s not the best fit for everyone.”

14. Dolly Parton

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“Dolly Parton!

Everyone has something to say about her, her music, her silly behavior, or her hair and makeup….

But guys, she’s one of the purest people alive. She’s too good for this planet. She comes from extreme poverty, and when she started making money, she cared for her family. She said the driving force in her creating Silver Dollar City was to create a place for people of that area (where she’s from) to have jobs. She has a foundation where children nationwide can receive free books monthly. And even though she’s made millions, she remains humble and grateful.

She’s a beautiful person. We need more Dolly’s in the world.”

15. McDonald

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I’m not saying it’s healthy. They all love to trash it, but they all still eat it. Happily, I’m sure. When Mcdonald’s pulled out of Russia last year, everyone on the internet and from Russia was on their “McDonald’s is leaving? Who cares. Mcdonald’s makes you fat. ” Meanwhile, cut to the last day, and McDonald’s in Russia had a never-ending line.

I’m not a McDonald’s fan, but the elitism people spew is stupid. Doubly so when you figure they are hypocrites.”

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