Have you ever wondered how to earn a six-figure income without becoming a doctor or lawyer? Here are some non-traditional options.

A user asked, who make more than 100k per year, what do you do? And here are your top options:

1. Oilfield Worker

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Working in the oilfield industry can be lucrative, with high salaries and the potential for overtime pay. However, long hours and extensive travel may affect personal relationships.

“I work in the oilfield. I’m single, and I don’t have kids. I’m gone so much for work it’s ruined more than one relationship. I’m almost considering being poor again.” said one.

“I make around 200k per year. I’m 30 years old and work as a mid-level manager for an oil company. My work involves overseeing the development of new oil fields.” said another.

2. Teaching Material Arts

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“I have taught martial arts since I was 4. I am 28 and manage a school, making a base pay plus a commission on the school’s performance. I went to college and studied business management but have yet to graduate. I have been with the same company for almost 11 years.

Last year I made 103,000. Not bad for not having a degree and working with kids.” a user said.

3. Equity Analyst

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Equity analysts can earn a lot by providing insights and recommendations that help investors make informed decisions.

“I am an equity analyst at an investment bank, making $350-400k a year. My daily report is 15-30 pages, depending on what’s happening. Most of it is graphs and price charts, etc. It’s all about knowing what’s important to follow and how to interpret it.” shared one.

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4. Pharmacist

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“My base salary is about 120k a year, but I probably make closer to 130k because of shifts I pick up here and there. Being a pharmacist is a pretty good deal.

Only six years of college and great salaries to start. I can’t stand listening to the older pharmacists complaining about staying an hour off the clock to get all their stuff done. You make more than six figures working only 40hrs/week!!” a user said.

5. Software Developer

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“Web software developer. Built full products end to end. Ran teams. I have been doing it for ten years. Sick of politics and everything, and I was bored as hell.

No degree nearly dropped out of high school, is self-taught, and lives in Australia. Started working post-bust in 2000 and earning 100k plus.” said one.

6. Stripping

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“I make between 75-120k depending on how much I work. I get to pick which weeks and where I work, and I usually work from 8 or 9 pm to 2 or 3 am. I’m also a 3rd-year university student. Two more semesters! Woo hoo!” said one.

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7. Freelance Video Producer

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“I edit video and create motion graphic work for my clients, mainly advertising agencies. I also take work from other production companies who subcontract to me. I could make more if I put in the effort to find more clients and fill in the 50% of the year I don’t work. 

I work in NYC and comfortably make over $100k. I had a bigger office in 2008 and employed six people, billing over $400k that year, but the recession took care of that. I don’t have a college degree or formal training,” a user shared. 

8. Beekeeper

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“It’s hard work and a bit painful sometimes, but I wake up every morning and look forward to seeing my bees. My grandfather started beekeeping roughly 30 years ago on a whim.

He had previous successful businesses and stopped them all from starting to keep bees. At least, that’s how he likes to tell me the story. I grew up beekeeping. Born into it, you might say. The operation was literally in my backyard, so I had ample opportunity to learn.” said one.

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9. Military

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“Joined military at the early age of 17, knocked out 3 degrees during 23 years of service. I retired and returned as a Government employee (GG-14) and invested an average of 16% of my gross income the entire time. Current yearly income = 220k a year. I’m retiring again in 6 years and have plans to open a winery/vineyard somewhere out west (my last job).” shared one. 

10. E-Commerce

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 “I sell on eBay and Amazon. I’ve been doing it for less than 12mos, but I earn more each week. I’m slated to net around $100k come my 52nd week, and my gross sales are more than $200k. If I weren’t in debt from bad credit card habits, I would be rolling in more money than ever. Still, having thousands in the bank is a nice feeling.” said one.

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11. Spray Painting Lawns

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“Knew a guy who pulled over $500K/year spray-painting lawns green with biodegradable paint for realtors during a drought. Was busy as hell 6 months a year, then had a crap ton of money to play around with in the winter. If you work hard in a niche market, you can do well.” said one.

12. Orchestra Conductor

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“Orchestra Conductor – 10 years out of school. Travel quite a bit for concerts – last year alone included: Moscow, Prague, London, Washington DC, Vienna, Salzburg, San Francisco, etc.” shared one.

13. Air Traffic Control

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“Air traffic controller, $125,000. Of course I’m about to get furloughed though” said one

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14. Technical Writer

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“I’m a technical writer and work freelance through an agency, doing a lot of bid and tender work. The pay rate is usually $100-150 per hour once you have a couple of years of experience. I only work about 4-5 months out of the year and spend the rest on personal writing projects and traveling.

I also work as a ghostwriter, which can be hit and miss. Some years I’ve taken in $200,000+ from royalties; others have been rather lulled, depending on how well they sell.”

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15. Personal Trainer

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“I make over $100k a year as a personal trainer.

I am 23 and started doing this when I was about 19 in college. After graduating, I landed an excellent job with a perfect health club with lots of services and things for me to sell. It is not easy, and if I stop trying as hard every day, my paycheck will immediately fall. That’s the issue with working entirely on commission though, I suppose” said one. 

16. Plumber

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There are tonnes of odd jobs to make money, but plumbing stood out. 

“I used to make that. My most significant gain was $144,500. This was during the fall of the economy.

I was, getting ready for it… A plumber. Yup! I worked with pipes and stuff and crawled under houses all day. Ten-hour days, charging a fair $55-$75 an hour, I fixed almost everything”.

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17. Geologist

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“I’m a geologist in the oil and gas industry with 5 years of experience, and I clear 100k quickly. I got into it when a professor told me there was about a 100% employment rate for geologists. Made a good choice.” said one. 

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