While the Barbie movie is a box office smash, some people can’t help but nitpick and bash its cast, especially Margot Robbie. But why are they so mad about her playing the lead role?

An internet user asked, “So, why are dudes so mad about Margot Robbie anyway?

Ganging up on a woman for what appears to be no real reason at all. Can’t help but feel like her role in Promising Young Woman feeds into this somehow.

Meanwhile, I go to read reviews about the Barbie movie, and all the bad ones are exclusively men making generic excuses for why it’s bad.

It’s got an 89% critic score and 94% audience score on Rotten Tomatoes. Like, I literally saw a review where the guy was saying it was bad because it was a giant commercial, while some critics are saying Greta Gerwig did a fantastic job of not making it a commercial.

Even the trailer clearly establishes Mattel as the antagonist of the movie, which doesn’t sound very much like a commercial to me.

Anyway, I’m just wondering if anyone really knows where the root of all this unwarranted hatred lies?”. Below are the top responses.

She Isn’t A Bouncy Teenager

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“I came across a post on Twitter today of a man complaining that Margot wasn’t ‘pretty enough’ and was ‘past her prime’. They basically hate the movie because it didn’t give them a bouncy 18-year-old for them to salivate over.”

She’s FAR Out Of Their League

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“She’s gorgeous, talented, and rich. She’s so far out of their league, they have to perform mental contortions to bring her down, just to make themselves feel better. It’s pathetic.”

How Can She Be ‘That’ Good?

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“She’s too beautiful, too able to have her own voice, and not waiting on them or their opinions.

She’s got to be ‘brought down’, because a woman is actually being that good, and that gorgeous, and not under a man’s thumb? (Especially not under their thumb?) Getting above herself.

It’s misogyny but through the lens of a woman who really does appear to be *that* good. She’s very talented, interesting and interested in other people, and these guys can’t cope.”

She Is An Unapologetic Feminist

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“They don’t like feminism. They liked her as the powerless wife in Wolf of Wall Street though.”, said one.

“Yeah, I think this is it. She is clearly an unapologetic feminist, you can see it in her choice of movies to work on. Barbie, Promising Young Woman and Bombshell all send a message. Maybe more in there but those 3 stand out.”, another added.

She’s A Gorgeous Woman In Her Thirties

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“She’s a beautiful ADULT woman who doesn’t give a single damn about appealing to men. They wanted some 21-year-old airhead to play Barbie instead of her.”

How Dare She Play A Role That Women Might Like?!

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“Apparently just making a fun movie about a childhood icon is enough to send miserable no-lives into a rage.

Seriously, anyone criticizing a movie that is purely and only quite clearly for entertainment and fun purposes needs to leave their mom’s basement and Cheeto dust and go outside and touch grass for a moment.

The hatred is because how dare Hollywood make something that women and girls might like!”

They’re Just Trying To Neg Her

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“They’re just trying to neg her through the screen.

Seeing a hot woman they have no chance with? She’s not that hot anyway…

Or it’s the attitude of this woman is getting too much attention and needs to be put back in her place.”

Everything’s So ‘Women-Centric’

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“Because a movie about a woman, made by a woman, based on a product aimed at girls is about to be wildly successful and that just does not jibe with the neckbeard worldview.”

They Don’t Need A Man Around

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“Barbie and Robbie do not need a man around. Barbie has always had careers, her own homes, cars, anything and everything while Ken is an accessory.

It drives the misogynists crazy that this movie has her as the powerhouse and Ken as the trophy boy. I had no interest in this movie at first, but now I can’t wait to go see it. I might even wear hot pink. Screw those jerks!”

Because Some Media Sources Told Them To Do So

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“Hell most of them probably don’t actually know. Some sources they read on Instagram, Twitter said they should dislike something or someone, so they do.”

They CAN NOT Accept Older Women Being Appreciated

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“She looks her age. These idiots get angry when women show signs of aging but still are considered beautiful. They want older women to disappear.”

Her ‘Audacity’ To Be An Open-Minded, Progressive Woman Off Screen

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“I think a big part of it is her positions in films beyond the roles she plays on screen. She gives a lot of hard-hitting interviews, she expresses progressive opinions, she gets credit for films she largely creates instead of the credits going to industry-established men, when she does play feminine roles she doesn’t focus on that in a bubbly surface-level way and instead focuses on the role. Basically, she’s always gotten a lot of nonsense for having the audacity to be a complex and independent woman in the film industry beyond a pinup girl.”

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