The war between Israel and Palestine is in the news now. It is heartbreaking to see people dying. Here is America’s take on this issue. 

A user asked the forum, “Americans, what’s your take on Israel Vs. Palestine?” Here are the top responses. 


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“I don’t care anymore, but I just wish the people causing these wars on both sides would see how disgusting they are for sending young people to kill civilians and other young people only for them to be killed. I don’t believe in playing God and determining who should die and who shouldn’t. But I hope one day we see videos of these leaders being turned into paste beneath the treads of their tanks. It’s what they deserve.”


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“Let the armies and the terrorists fight. Leave the innocent people alone.”


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“I do not care what happens. Let them fight it out. We don’t need to be involved. That said, if Hamas does not return all American citizens alive, then there shall be war.”


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“I think any other country fully supporting one or the other is wrong. The United States fully supporting Israel is messed up because their response is barbaric. They need a ceasefire, but they have complete genocide ideations against the other, and we are watching this in real-time.”


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“I’m on Israel’s side of this conflict. Completely unwarranted by Hamas, which is supported by the masses in Gaza. 

People accept smuggling money from Hamas, allowing them to build military infrastructure within or under critical infrastructure like hospitals and schools. Then, they cry when it’s being targeted after their actions. 

The problem is that Israel has the power to destroy Gaza, yet they haven’t. Gaza cannot destroy Israel, but it has tried multiple times. If given the chance, they would commit mass ethnic genocide, yet people overlook this just because they’re on the losing side.”


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“I’m with the smart American politicians who side with Israel. I support funding and pushing for the independence of the West Bank. However, I fully believe Gaza is a terrorist state that delivers nothing but harm to the world. 

I support moving all Palestinians in Gaza to the West Bank or a neighboring Muslim country. Israel has a right to defend its borders.”


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“Israel is our ally; Palestine and Hamas hate us. Also, Palestinians celebrate in the streets like it’s New Year’s when they kill innocent Israeli civilians, so don’t give me that humanitarian.”


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“The bad guys who committed Oct 7 need to be crushed. It goes without saying. Israel is not complacent in this situation. You cannot look at Oct 7 as a singular event, but it is the broader scope of what has been going on for many years.”


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“I have seen many Israelis talk about the situation. Many of them come off as religious fanatics similar to Hamas themselves or ISIS (Islamic State Of Iraq And The Levant). Religious fanatics can’t be reasoned with. It’s a problem, and the United States of America should not be supporting religious fanatics.

United States tax dollars pay for Israelis to have universal healthcare. Something my tax dollars do not pay for me, an American. I have an enormous problem with that.”


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“I feel that both sides have committed war crimes against the other. There is no innocent party in this other than the civilians, especially the children who have gotten killed. I stand with neither the Israeli government nor Hamas but with those killed, displaced, or kidnapped.”


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“I watched a lot of what happened with the United States in the Middle East and how our government and military created and maintained the conditions that allowed terrorist organizations to thrive. 

Then, we had to deal with the consequences of that. The results looked like 9/11. They looked like ISIS, AlQaeda, and the Taliban. They look like a failed state in Afghanistan.

Now, the spotlight is on Israel, and I’m seeing a lot of the same things when I dig into history. The Israeli government and military seem to have done a great job (with backing from many Western countries) creating and maintaining the conditions that allow Hamas to thrive. 

Now, they face the consequences of that. Their answer to the effects, much like the American response, seems to involve war crimes against the civilians of Gaza, about half of whom (insane statistic) are 18 or younger.

So, I’m not an expert on geopolitics, but it seems to me that if Israel wants to resolve the situation in Gaza, they should start by starving Hamas for recruits. The way you do that is by giving the Palestinians/Arabs all the same rights, opportunities, and privileges as Israeli citizens. 

Give them clean water and food. Let them travel the countryside and live and work as they please. Economic opportunity kills terrorists quicker than missiles.

Then, you can more easily and precisely use your intelligence capabilities to take out terrorist cells rather than leveling several city blocks because you think you saw a Hamas member in a window somewhere.”


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“It is clear to me that the Israeli government and military are not interested in eliminating Hamas so much as they are interested in stopping the Palestinians. Their tactics in the coming months will continue to make that clear, I fear.”


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“I know for a fact that I am chronically unable to grasp the depth of the whole situation. Like believing who is telling the ‘truth.’ I have no idea. In my small town, most people are pro-Israel. 

The only thing that I can think of is all of the innocent bloodshed. People who had nothing to do with any of this conflict, That’s my only take. Forgetting all the geopolitical issues. Humans are dying because of terrorist groups they do not have any direct contact with.”


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“I have relatives in Israel, but I try to be as understanding of both sides as I can. I will say, though, it’s not like the United Nations can enforce a ceasefire, and who are we to tell another nation how to respond to an attack? 

I’m sure if the Mexican drug cartels murdered the equivalent percentage of our population 50k+, we would attack Mexico to wipe them out, and it wouldn’t matter what anyone else said about it. I believe most nations would do the same if confronted with this situation. 

The worst thing about the Gaza conflict is that the people have nowhere to go and are being used as meat shields by terrorists. It is a tiny area with a huge population of people that no other nation wants in their borders. 

It’s a sad situation, and a lot of people are critical of the United States’ stance on this conflict, but it appears we are the only ones right now keeping Israel from turning Gaza into a wasteland devoid of life. I can live with that rather than some virtue signal vote at the United Nations.”


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“I mean, it’s terrible that people are dying, and I hope it stops, but there’s not a lot I can do personally, and I don’t care enough. I’m more concerned about myself and my country than a war between two small groups on the opposite side of the globe.”

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