From high-end gadgets to extravagant experiences, this list explores 15 desirable items that may not be worth the significant investment.


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A big house consumes more resources, increasing energy and maintenance costs and straining finances. It can lead to “lifestyle inflation,” where people feel pressured to buy more furnishings and possessions, further impacting savings. It also reduces opportunities for other investments like travel, experiences, or financial security, hindering long-term goals.

A user says, “A big house. They’re a pain to clean and expensive to maintain.”


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While social media offers connection and entertainment, it isn’t crucial for everyone. Constant pressure to maintain a curated online presence can lead to anxiety, depression, and feelings of inadequacy.

Additionally, the platform can fuel unhealthy comparisons and impulsive spending, impacting mental and financial well-being. Choosing to prioritize real-life connections and mindful living can be liberating and fulfilling.

A user says, “Social media presence. I have zero social media presence other than Reddit.”


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Lavish weddings are romanticized. But they aren’t everyone’s desire. People often feel pressured to conform, leading to excessive spending that strains finances and creates debt. Prioritizing a smaller, meaningful celebration can be financially responsible and emotionally fulfilling, allowing couples to focus on their future together.

“Having a big wedding, having a big social media presence for clout.” said a user.


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The relentless hustle culture ignores the diverse needs of individuals. While some thrive on ambition, others find fulfillment in simpler pursuits. Society’s pressure to conform to this “go-getter” ideal leads to widespread burnout and misery for those who don’t fit the mold. It’s time to celebrate the value of different paths and encourage individuals to choose happiness over societal expectations.

A user says, “A career. I work part-time in a low-level position, and I love it. I do my job well, and the pay is okay, and I don’t need to deal with the stress of people bothering me when I’m off the clock, being responsible for employees, or trying to work my way up. People tell me I’m wasting my potential, but I’m happy where I am, thanks. Life is so much more than work.”


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Not everyone finds joy in the thrill of competition. While lauded for their physical and social benefits, sports can hold little appeal for some. For some people finding passion in other pursuits gives them a more balanced and fulfilling life.

A user says, “Sports. Happy for you to play/watch them, but just not my thing.”


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Membership fees, expensive drinks, and the pressure to dress and act a certain way can strain finances and create anxieties. Choosing other forms of social connection can be more financially responsible and mentally liberating, allowing individuals to find their own space and avoid the pressures of club culture.

A user says, “Going to a club. I have no idea how to talk to some random person drinking or dancing when I rarely drink, and I don’t know how to dance over extremely loud music with bass so heavy I can’t hear myself think. If I can’t hear myself think, the person I’d talk to certainly can’t hear me. I have no idea how I’d have a good time going to a club by myself.”


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Many employees feel pressured to attend mandatory after-work social events, often disguised as “team building” exercises. However, these gatherings often raise concerns regarding work-life balance, financial strain, and true effectiveness.

A user says, “Socializing with workmates after work hours esp. the “TEAM BUILDING” which the managers forces us into thinking is part of the collaboration. How it’s for collaboration when the so-called gathering will eat up your time off work, plus you have to pay for the expenses? I don’t get that.”


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Not everyone falls under the spell of Dubai’s glittering facade. Some find its artificiality and excessive focus on wealth and consumption off-putting. The city’s lack of authentic culture and reliance on extravagant, man-made attractions leave some feeling uninspired and disillusioned.

A user says, “Going to Dubai. I despise that place and the whole mentality surrounding the desire to do there.”


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Not everyone craves a towering partner. While some prioritize physical attributes like height, others find compatibility and connection in shared values, humor, and mutual respect. The pressure to conform to societal expectations about physical appearance can be limiting and ultimately create dissatisfaction in relationships. Choosing a partner based on genuine connection, not superficial features, can lead to a more fulfilling and lasting bond.

A user says, “Your boyfriend is tall. I don’t get why it matters so much.”


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Alcohol is overrated, and it ruins the life of people. People who get addicted will find it hard to come out of it.  A user says, “Alcohol. I used to drink through my early twenties, and it got to the point where it was becoming a little bit too much of a habit. Then my mom passed away from cirrhosis at the age of 50, and I lost all interest. Unfortunately, she had been struggling with addiction for a long time, and none of us realized just how far it had gone.

I might have a very occasional sip now and then, but otherwise, I don’t find it enjoyable anymore. I don’t judge other people for their choice, but I’d rather go to a coffee shop, read a book, go to a museum, or do any number of other things that don’t involve alcohol. I don’t feel like I’ve missed out on anything, and I feel much healthier for it.”


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Being a parent is a choice. Force the idea of parenting is not a good approach, and it is not for everyone. 

A user says, “Kids. I’ve been asked when I’m gonna have kids, and my perfect answer now to combat this is, “You got 300k to give me because that’s the average cost to take care of a kid from when they’re born till they turn 18.”


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Eating out is unhealthy and expensive. While some find pleasure in exploring food in restaurants, others find comfort in cooking their favorite meals at home. 

“Eating out. Living in the US — I am tired of low-quality food and fake-smiley service guilt-tripping you into leaving a big tip.” said one.


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Today’s generation is obsessed with Alexa. But, some people find it unnecessary. Also, it is making people more lazy. 


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Fame is a double-edged sword. It brings both pleasure and threat. Not everyone wants to be famous. 

“Fame – can you imagine being unable to get peace anywhere you go? To be constantly judged by people who are less successful? Having your kids followed everywhere they go, your friends being offered fat stacks of cash to divulge your most personal secrets, etc.” shared a user.


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The allure of the open road doesn’t captivate everyone. Some see cars as expensive, resource-intensive burdens contributing to pollution and urban congestion. They prioritize alternative transportation like cycling, public transit, or simply walking, enjoying the freedom from maintenance costs and the environmental benefits of choosing less car-centric lives.

“Cars. Don’t drive and never will, have zero interest in cars, and know nothing about them.” said one.


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Marriage, while romanticized by society, isn’t everyone’s path to happiness. The pressure to conform to this societal expectation can lead to rushed decisions and, ultimately, unhappy marriages. Individuals should be free to define their own fulfillment, regardless of marital status, prioritizing personal growth and meaningful connections over societal pressure. 

“A partner. I don’t know why it’s so hard for people to understand that some people are perfectly okay with being single. I’ve been a widower for ten years; I’m at peace with being by myself.” said one.

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