Love is a tapestry woven with threads of emotions, trust, and, sometimes, gentle untruths. While deceit in a relationship is often painted as a villain, there are instances where “little white lies” can blossom as acts of care and tenderness.

Here are a few lies that partners tell


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Sometimes partners lie for the benefit of others. While pressing on the lower neck might offer a temporary relaxing sensation for some, claiming it induces sleep can be considered a harmless fib to a partner, but it won’t induce sleep. 

A user says, “My GF can’t sleep sometimes. I told her there was a pressure point on her lower neck that, if pressed, induced sleepiness. When she can’t sleep, I will press on it to placebo her into getting tired and falling asleep.”


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Most often, a partner won’t prefer traveling long to see their partner’s family. But they lie to comfort them. “Yes, I would love to travel 6 hours to see your family.” says one.


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A partner is concerned about their girlfriend’s health. So, they lie about being hungry to make her eat along with them. It is considered a sweet gesture. 

“Idk if this counts, but I tell my girlfriend I’m hungry, so she’ll also eat something.” says one.


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Snails are not invasive species. But a wife tells her husband they are invasive to prevent him from feeling bad. 

“Hoping my husband doesn’t sneak on my comments and see this. We live in an area where it doesn’t rain frequently, but we get a ton of snails when it does. He would get sad because we’d see some snails that had been stepped on, so I told him they were an invasive species so he wouldn’t feel so bad about them getting smushed.”


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Home-cooked food is always healthy and tasty. People pretend to cook themselves to make their partner happy. 

“I once claimed to have made the sauce for a meal when it was out of a bottle.” said one.


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Getting older is associated with being ugly. So, a partner says they are young to make them happy and feel good about themselves. 

“You haven’t aged since I met you. While I believe it to be true, many people ask me how old my partner is, and when I tell them, they’re shocked. I’ll admit that she does have features of an ‘older lady,’ and I know it gets to her, but I love her all the same and will do anything to make her happy.” said one.


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When a boyfriend is tired, a girlfriend wants him to rest. So, she insists that she is not hungry to let him take a rest. 

“I was craving a hamburger, but he was so tired, so I told him I wasn’t hungry when he asked.”said one.


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Pretending to like a perfume smell is a sweet gesture to make them happy. 

“Her perfume smells like my grandma. I don’t like it, but she loves it. I will never tell her. She doesn’t like looking anything like her mom. She got a haircut that looked exactly like her mom’s; she loved it. I did not. I never told her that I didn’t and never told her it made her look even more like her mother.” said one.


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Not every meme makes us laugh. But when a partner shows memes frequently, it is good to laugh out loud even though you don’t find it funny. It will make them happy. 

“Every time they show me something they watched or a meme, I laugh off and act like I’ve never seen it.” said one.


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When you are sad, it will affect your partner’s mood. So, it is common for people to pretend to be okay when they are unfortunate. 

“My dad died almost two months ago. I’m never okay. But sometimes I say I am because I know it’s hard to watch someone you care about being miserable 24/7.” said one.


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When they believe they make the best sauce, it is not good to prove them wrong. It may disappoint them. Agreeing with them will make them happy about their cooking skills. 

“I prefer your spaghetti meat sauce (over mine with veggies cut up). He believes his sauce is his best dish and raved about it a lot, so I just make sure to have a good salad ready to go.” said one.


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Validating them is the best approach for long-lasting happy relationships. Telling them their eyebrows are good will make them feel good about themselves. 

“Yes, honey, your eyebrows are even. The wife is a fair-skinned blonde who relies on a pencil for anyone to be able to see her brows. In fairness, the times I’ve told that little fib, you couldn’t tell unless you were close enough to hug.” said one.


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While running late for work, telling them their makeup is not good will worsen the situation. Instead, telling them they are looking perfectly good will save them time and help them reach the office on time. 

“I drive my GF to work, and she has somewhat of a punctuality problem; there have been many times when she missed a small spot of makeup or maybe a hair out of place in her hairdo, and if I say something it will turn into us getting there 30 minutes late instead of 10, so I usually just hit her with the “looks great baby” knowing that shell soon discovers the mishap in the bathroom at work or something like that when she gets there, never failed though.” shared a user.


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When the wife is afraid of bugs, killing them in front of them is not okay. 

“My wife is afraid of bugs, and whenever I see a spider, I ask her to go grab me some water. I kill it and don’t tell her. I know if she knew there was a bug in the house, she’d be paranoid the rest of the day.” said one.


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Hearing negative horoscopes the first thing in the morning is the worst start to a day. A partner lying a positive horoscope will make their day better. 

“Every morning, I read five or six horoscopes and read to her only the best one before she starts her day.” said one.


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Even though a partner doesn’t like a dog, it is good to pretend as if they like it. It will make their relationship better. 

“Of course, I like your dog. It was an annoying little rat dog. However, I knew it was old and going to die soon. Eventually, it died, and it was replaced with a kitten.” said one.

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