Even in the most harmonious relationships, disagreements and minor irritations are inevitable. The quirks and habits that initially endeared us to our partners can sometimes grate on our nerves.

A user took it to the forum, and asked “What drives you nuts about your spouse?”.

Here are the top responses.


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“My complaint doesn’t sound so bad. I just get annoyed that she chews with her mouth open. Loudly.”, said one user.

“Chewing with your mouth open is definitely an issue for a lot of people. It’s a dealbreaker for me.”, said another user.


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“She’s always late. I’m always on time. This is a recurring issue.”, said one user.


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“I love my wife so much, but her sense of direction is on par with Zoro from one piece.”, said one user.

“My gf says she has a great sense of direction but regularly forgets where she parked the car.”, said another user.


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“She says ‘incentative’ instead of incentive.”, said one user.

“My wife can’t seem to pronounce deodorant & makes fun of herself for it. Deodorant has jokingly come to be known as ‘deRoderant’ in our house. Hope the kids don’t pick that up.


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“When my wife is done with something she simply leaves it where it is instead of putting it away. Drives me insane.”, said one user.


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“One thing that drives me insane is her habit of speaking in a tone and volume as if I’m right next to her, when I’m really 10 meters away, facing the other way, with a noisy fan on and currently either working or gaming or listening to music.

So, I always have to ask ‘what?’, and then walk up to her and hear what she wants to say.”, said one user.


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“Whenever we are doing something with her family it’s ‘We are going to do this, ok?’ And I’m like ‘Sure’.

Whenever we do something with my family it’s ‘We are going to do this, ok?’ And she’s like ‘Well what if we ‘compromise’ and do it this way?’. For example she’ll say ok but we have to be on the road back home by 7pm. Why? No idea. Sure it’s nice to get home but we go over to her parents and there’s no timeline.

We’ll stay until 7 one night, until 10 the next time. Everything is a negotiation when it’s something I want to do.”, said one user.


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“Her need to move my stuff to make it ‘easier’ to ‘find and use’ but then doesn’t tell me she moved it or where she moved it.

Yes, some of the items in locations are ridiculous. Like Yes, there was a spatula underneath the desk in the office honey. Why? I don’t remember. But now you’ve moved it and now I don’t know where it is!”, said one user.


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“The thing that bothers me the most is she always has to one-up my sad stories.

I tell her about a negative experience I’ve had and she’s like ‘The same thing happened to me but worse’ like she constantly wants me to feel sorry for her. It makes it hard to share anything with her.


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“I love my wife dearly. She, however, is an absolute disaster when it comes to keeping the house tidy. I was raised in a way that promoted cleaning up, organizing and so on.

She walks into the house – leaves her shoes in the middle of the hallway. She eats – her dishes can stay in the sink for days before she washes them. She gets a glass of water during the night – she doesn’t take it away for days (I’ve had 7 glasses all at once on her nightstand). She removes tags from her clothes – leaves them in random places and I have to throw them out myself.

We’ve had talks about this, but improvement is minimal and only lasts a week or two.”, said one user.

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