Popularity does not guarantee universal appeal; even the most widely admired things have their share of critics.

A user took it to the forum, and asked “What is something that other people love that you hate?”. Here are the top responses.


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“People who post hundreds & hundreds of posed, filtered, pouting or muscle flexing photos of themselves are self-obsessed to the nth degree.”, said one user.


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“Crowds of hundreds of people put me on an alert level where I don’t relax enough to totally enjoy the event.”, said one user.


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“Talking all the time about absolutely nothing meaningful. The weather is warm, I’m tired, it’s Sunday again etc. I’d rather not talk at all than make redundant noises at each other.”, said one user.


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“I don’t like people staring at me or giving me attention. I just want to be invisible.”, said one user.


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“Never liked having my pic taken and never will. Bad enough seeing myself in a mirror, let alone how uncomfortable and awkward I look in photos.”, said one user.


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“I hate everything about them. I cannot believe how much money people waste on their wedding day.”, said one user.


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“I don’t like sand. It’s rough, and irritating, and it gets everywhere.”, said one user.


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“Where I live, rain is pretty uncommon. For the last 2 years we had nothing but a few thunderstorms, but since winter this year we’ve gotten much more.

The rainy and overcast days are FAR better than the sunny days. You seriously get tired of those, and I’ve been tired of them since I was little.”, said one user.


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“No one likes small talk. People do it to see if you are OK with them and to cover up an uncomfortable situation not because they enjoy small talk.”, said one user.


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“Dogs. Like, I’d never hurt a dog (or any animal), and dogs are great, as long as I can pet them, say something nice to their owner and walk away.

My mother owns a dog and I can’t imagine anything worse than owning one myself. I’m sure y’all’s dogs are lovely and loved, and that’s cool, they’re just not for me.”, said one user.

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