While the ability to say no is crucial for everyone, some men may not fully grasp its importance.

An internet user recently asked, “What do more men need to say “no” to?” The responses below are so on-point that we can’t even explain their importance!

Being In Uncomfortable Relationships 

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“Being in relationships, they’re not comfortable in because it’s “not that bad.”” Said one. 

“I did this for years throughout my teens. I’m 24 now and feel like I’ve matured enough and developed enough self-respect to realize it and have been trying to get out. Trying to get to a therapist currently.” Another added.

The Question – “Are You Good?”

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“Are you good?” Said one. 

“Say no when you aren’t good and be willing to go deeper emotionally and have real conversations with your fellow men.” Another added. 

Attending Work Calls After Work Hours 

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“Picking up the phone to answer work calls after work hours.” Said one. 

“In 20 years, no one will remember you working late except your kids.” Another added. 

Working 40+ Hours A Week

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“Working more than 40 hours a week when on salary. Go be with your family.” Said one. 

“I had a conversation about this with my dad yesterday, he was working 60+ hours a week, and they fired him after 16 years with the company. I could hear him tearing up over the phone when he mentioned how much he missed my sister and me growing up and has nothing to show for it now.” Another added. 

Thirst Traps

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“I know, so embarrassing they throw themselves at face-tuned images then wonder why no girls want them IRL. 

Desperation and putting fake images on a pedestal is the most cringeworthy deal breaker IMO.”

Vapes And Zyn Pouches 

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“As someone struggling to quit nicotine in my late 20s after dipping in my late teens and early 20s and vape now, kids and young adults need to stay away from vapes and those Zyn pouches. 

There’s nothing cool about it, and the small buzz you get from it is not worth being addicted to (or the cost). Sitting on a 5-hour flight all irritable and stressed out, wanting a nicotine fix is not fun or cool, I promise. Not worth it at all.”

Getting Mistreated By Women

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“Women treating them terribly. There are beautiful women inside and out. Not just outside. You should be treated well.” Said one. 

“My husband needs to hear this. He has no backbone against his mom and sister, and now they think they can treat me the same way because he rarely stands up to them. He has this bizarre idea that men need to take it on the chin with abuse from women.” 


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“Nobody wins in a fight. Both leave with either a hurt body or hurt feelings.” Said one. 

“Hands down. Violence gets you nothing except jail time. Use your brains over brawn.” Another added. 

Manipulative Women

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“I grew up with one and can easily spot one.” Said one. 

“No is never enough for them; they can go all day on you and then put you in their wrath if they don’t get what they want.” Another added. 

Not Getting Mental Health Help

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“Not getting mental health help. I’m currently struggling a damn ton. I recently got help because I’d hate to think how my family would react if I ever pulled the trigger.” Said one. 

“You don’t have to reach that point before seeking help. If daily things like showering, replying to messages, cleaning your room, meeting up with people or being at the shop get too hard, start seeking help.” Another added.

Being Told To Man Up

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“Being told to man up, or anything that disregards their feelings/concerns.” Said one. 

“Been told this by several people over the last year, and that’s exactly why we don’t talk anymore.” Another added. 

Peer Pressure

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“Peer pressure. It’s not manly to do something detrimental to your health or well-being. Be firm and say no if you don’t feel comfortable. Remember “no” is a complete sentence.”

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