Imagine a world where once-familiar objects, customs, and experiences have vanished like whispers carried away by the wind. In this post we will talk about things that were so commonplace but have vanished without a trace.

1. Our Need To Know The People Next Door

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Once upon a time, knowing your neighbors was as natural as breathing. Front porches were gathering places, and children played together in the streets, forging friendships across fences. But somewhere along the way, this vibrant tapestry of community began to unravel.

A user says, “We need to know who our neighbors are. I listened to a podcast about human interaction recently, and the host said that the internet slowly made it possible to live without knowing who the people are next door.” 

Another added, “Grew up in the 70s. My brother and I knew every kid on our block, and a couple blocks away.”

2. CD and DVD Drives In Laptops

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Remember the days of clunky laptops boasting CD and DVD drives? These once essential components were the gateways to music, movies, and software, allowing us to carry our entertainment and necessities wherever we went. However, the rapid evolution of technology has rendered these drives obsolete, leaving them relics in a world dominated by streaming and digital storage.

3. Toys In Cereal Boxes

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Cereal boxes used to hide exciting toys, but now they’re sadly empty. Gone are the plastic dinosaurs and decoder rings, replaced by coupons and online codes. While it’s a change, it reminds us of how things evolve, even the small joys of childhood.

“Toys in cereal boxes or glow-in-the-dark lightsaber spoons for each Star Wars movie that came out,” said one. 

4. TV Bumpers

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Remember those short breaks during shows where funny animations or logos would pop up? Those were TV bumpers! They used to fill the spaces between programs, but now seamless transitions and streaming have made them a relic of the past.

“There used to be a little sequence between the show and commercials. Some of them were interesting and creative. I think my generation remembers the “wand IDs” on the Disney channel (where a Disney celeb would use a wand to make the logo). There were also bumpers that were PSAs or other actual content.” said one user. 

5. Gum With Sugar

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Remember those old-fashioned gums? They packed a punch of flavor without the sugar overload. Sadly, those days are gone, replaced by sweeter, less flavorful options.

“Gum’s gotten mintier lately. Have you noticed? Like, some of it’s just too minty. It’s like they’re trying to hurt-” another added.

6. Family Photographs In Homes

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Remember those framed family photos that adorned living rooms and hallways? They were a constant reminder of loved ones and shared memories. Today, digital cameras and social media have largely replaced these tangible portraits, leaving empty spaces on walls and shelves.

“Having many Family photographs in homes. They are not completely gone, but homes used to be plastered in them. The only times I really notice them is in the homes of older people.” said one.

“My grandma always had a wall full of pictures behind her couch. I copied her in my apartment, and it makes me so happy. I have a wall full of pictures of everyone I care about. Sometimes I stare at it” another added.”

7. The Foil Wrapper On Chocolate Bars

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There was a time when chocolates were wrapped in foil wrappers and not anymore.

“You could slide a Hershey bar out of the wrapper, eat it, then carefully insert the foil wrapper back into the sleeve to fool your brother,” said one. 

“I used to love eating Starburst and remaking the wrapper back into shape and trying to trick my sister with it.” said another. 

8. Fireflies, aka Lightning Bugs

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The once-abundant fireflies are becoming a forgotten memory, a reminder of the delicate balance of nature and the fragility of its beauty.

“I lived in the countryside, and I used to see hundreds on a warm summer night.  Now I get excited if I see just one.” said one.

“I’m a biologist, and we categorize fireflies as bio-indicators. If there are a lot in an area, it really says a lot about the environmental quality of that area. They usually thrive in areas where there is less light pollution since bioluminescence is their primary mode of communication; insert artificial light in the equation, and you disrupt their mode of species interaction.” someone responded. 

9. Postcards

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Remember those colorful postcards, packed with greetings and souvenirs from faraway lands? They were once a cherished way to connect and share experiences. Sadly, postcards have become relics of a bygone era, replaced by instant messaging and digital photos.

“There was once a time when you could buy at any truck stop or roadside motel a postcard of the small town you were driving through. But not anymore. No point when you can text your friends a photo”. said one.

10. Privacy In Your Daily Life


Before, privacy was like a thick blanket, shielding your personal life from prying eyes and ears. You could walk down the street without leaving a digital footprint, your conversations remained private, and your thoughts belonged only to you. Now, the blanket seems thin and threadbare, constantly tugged at by social media, data collection, and the ever-present gaze of technology.

“I live in fear of being randomly filmed one day doing something and going viral,” said one.

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