Can wealthy individuals disproportionately disadvantage less affluent members of society?

A user asked the forum, “What was loved by poor people until rich people ruined it?”. Let’s look at the top responses.


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“Living in warehouses in the industrial, rundown side of town.

They tore down all the real lofts to build condos they call lofts.”


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It used to be so useful to get all kinds of cheap or unique things. Then more and more big commercial sellers joined the club, and eventually, eBay itself forgot about what and who made their platform a success in the first place.”


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“Blue-collar residential neighborhoods in the city.”


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“Quiet out-of-the-way country cabins sitting by lakes. Now they are overpriced Airbnbs.”


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“Going to the farmers market.”


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“Pickup trucks. They used to be much cheaper.”


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“Fajitas. I remember being able to get skirt steak really cheap and sometimes for free.”


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“Counterculture-based festivals. Burning Man was on my bucket list until rich people started showing up with bodyguards and started establishing private zones.”


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“Rich people and upper middle class ruined the housing market by buying all the cheap houses as investment properties to either flip and sell for more or rent out to the poor and working class.”


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“Many ethnic foods in the US. The really tasty stuff might be dirt-cheap and off the beaten path until the yuppies and hipsters get wind of it, then it’s found in every strip mall at an inferior quality for $30 a plate.”


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Many private campgrounds require you to tell them the age of your RV. If they’re older, they’ll refuse your reservation.”


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“Florida beaches. It used to be a cheap thing to do with the family. Mom-and-pop hotels and local diners. Now it is $300/hotel with $5 coffee. Parking is expensive, and there is little beach access. Kinda sucks to see it happen.”


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“Cheap authentic Mexican tacos.”


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“Eating salmon. Fish used to be poor man’s food. Now you pay absurd amounts for the tiniest piece.”


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“Carhartt. Blue collar workers needed the durability, then celebrities wore “fashionably” and drove up the price.”


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“Wings! They used to be a reasonably priced appetizer, and now it’s almost the price of an entree.”

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