Saving money is a skill that would benefit you in so many ways. People make so many bulk purchases to save money.

A user asked the forum, “Have you ever bought a lifetime supply of anything in an effort to be frugal?”. Let’s look at the top responses.


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“I have a gigantic roll of cling wrap I bought from Costco at a reduced price before my now-drinking-age daughters were even born. There’s still a lot left.”


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“I bought ten bottles of this shampoo and conditioner that was 50% off at a discount store that worked super well in my hair about five years ago. I’m on my last bottle, and I don’t know where to find it. Maybe my hair could use a change, though?”


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“I have a lot of trash bags, lol.”


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“I bought a ton of deodorant and soap.

You likely saved 30% on inflation alone if you bought a decade’s worth.”


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“Two years ago, we bought twenty pounds of sea salt.”


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“I once bought half a gross (72) of toothbrushes. I just used my last one last year. They were/are my favorite, but they don’t make them anymore.”


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“I have a lifetime supply of envelopes. I bought them, but I only paid about 7 cents per box. We have plenty of storage room in the house.”


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“Inadvertently. I recently ordered more checks, and they sent me a box with 5 or 6 packs in it. I only write maybe two checks a year now because I pay all my bills online. Plus, I’m in my 50s’, so. I will be surprised if I use them all before I check out.”


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“Once bought about 30 boxes of tampons. They were on sale! They were not a lifetime supply, but they lasted a while.

I’ve been using up my hoard of dish washing detergent for about three years now. I guess I’ll have to buy some more in 2024 or 35.”


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“My solar is expected to function for 20+ years, which should be more than the time I own the home. So, I effectively bought the electricity for all the years I will own my home in a single purchase. The initial cost paid off in ~4 years, so now it’s free electricity every year.”


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“Permanent software licenses instead of subscriptions are generally worthwhile if you plan on using the software long term.”


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“My REI membership is lifetime, it was $30. $35 Dollars? They had a promo that gave me a $35 or $30 gift card, the same amount the membership cost.

I love camping and hiking, and being a member gives me access to buy their used stuff at their garage sales.”


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“Boots! I found a pair of Salomon hiking boots I absolutely adore some six years ago. I splurged and bought five more pairs in my current size and five more a half size up.

My thinking was that my foot size might fluctuate depending on outside factors, and I could always double up on socks and use those as winter boots. It was expensive, but I’m really, really picky about footwear.

For context, I hike some fairly challenging terrain every other weekend, and I walk some 4-6 miles a day, so it’s really important to me that I have a comfortable pair of shoes. I burn through Reeboks and Sketchers and the like every two months without even really trying.

Anyway! I’m on the second pair of my “every day” boots, and I’m still on “winter boots” pair number one.”


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“I bought a lifetime subscription to XM radio around 2006. It was the cost of three years of service. Still use it almost daily for music and sports.”


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“Probably printer paper. Didn’t buy it; I got it from my dad four years ago. 2 Kartons, about 5k pages. Finished the first 500 pages around Christmas last year.”

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