Do you think there are any jobs that attract people with jerk-like behavior? It seems like some fields are dominated by ill-mannered individuals. What are your thoughts?

Someone asked the forum, What’s a job that you just associate with jerks? Below are the top 15 responses that we JUST couldn’t have missed mentioning:


sales people
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“Any job where you can steal customers from your colleague. Salespeople can be one.” Said one.

“Underrated comment, I was working service, and I would literally have people not do their other tasks just to have more client time and throw me under the bus 24/7. Let those people go to hell any way you can.” Another added.

Talent Agents

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“I work in entertainment. Talent agents and managers top the list, then some talent themselves.” Said one.

“Talent is either SUPER NICE or a DAMN CRAPBAG and there’s no middle ground.” Another added.

Personal Trainers

gym trainer
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“Personal trainers at a lifetime.

Had this one incident where this trainer kept blatantly laughing at me whenever I did my next set of deadlifts and it honestly disheartened me so much. I already had some hesitancy in getting on the stage area because it was so out in the open. Don’t miss that particular place.”


work 3
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“I completely agree. I am not religious but Kenneth Copeland makes me believe the devil is real. He is exactly what I would expect the devil to look like. Those freaking eyes.

And getting rich enough to buy a private jet from tax-free donations is ridiculous. And when confronted about it by a reporter he really looked possessed. That guy really is a jerk.”


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“The video where Tobey Maguire is trying to pull out of a parking garage but they’re blocking him in pretty much sums it up.” Said one.

“Blake Lively recently posted saying oh look at these pictures, it looks like I’m smiling and happy but that’s because it was the only way I could get this man to stop stalking me and my young children who were freaked out.

They’re horrible.” Another added.

Call Center Supervisors

work 2
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“I would say call center supervisors, but they are snakes in the grass and it’s unfair to jerks to be compared to snakes in the grass.” Said one.

“Speaking from experience, I would say those supervisors answering to managers. But yes, there needs to be an overall change in call centers. The management implements certain protocols to boost their own stats. Not concerned about their own people and not truly concerned about the customer.” Another added.

Wannabe Life Coaches

shocked with glasses
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“Life Coach” = burnt-out jerk/wannabe social media influencer.” Said one.

“Yes! I know so many people who don’t have their life together but think they’ll do a fantastic job telling others how to get their life together.”

Restaurant Managers

restaurant manager
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“This comes from personal experience. Restaurant managers. Anyone that has worked in the restaurant industry knows just how much of a bad person your manager(s) can be.” Said one.

“Lol yes from what I see most restaurant managers are middle-aged guys just hoping one of the high school chicks that are trying to make a few extra bucks waitressing give them the time of day.” Another added.


pullin out hair
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“Yeah, it always disturbed me how pimps are glorified in popular culture. In reality, a lot of pimps are guilty of human trafficking of poor and abused minors. They really are the scum of the earth.”

Real Estate Agents

work 1
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“Real Estate agents. Idk why but I never feel like I can trust them.” Said one.

“Right now it seems to be one of the popular entrepreneur sigma male day trader jobs of choice.” Another added.

MLM Scheme Folks

wtf woman with bob
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“I used to work in a hotel restaurant. The hotel let an MLM scheme do their sale pitch in the biggest event room (2000+ people came). After they were done, they had an after-party in the restaurant. All of them had expensive suits, watches, dressed, you name it. Super low class. After celebrating their gig, they started dancing on the tables and screaming around.

We had them kicked out and blacklisted.”


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“Yup. Some of them can be absolutely vile and two-faced.” Said one.

“Exactly why my wife and I say we’re Content Creators. We hate the term “influencer” and the negative connotation everyone has with it. There are a lot of jerks out there, but when you’ve been doing content creation as long as we have, a lot of those jerks don’t make it, especially within the community.” Another added.

Beach Body Coaches

wtf man with glass
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“My wife subscribes to Beachbody and while the workout programs are actually pretty good, the whole coach thing is damn stupid. My wife’s “coach” is very clearly more out of shape than my wife is and they keep pushing this shakeology crap at everyone.”

Apartment Managers

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“Straight up the only reason I’m staying in the apartments I’m at now is because I FINALLY found a place with good office staff. It’s always either friendly idiots who can’t do anything right or jerks who lie to get your money and dismiss your every concern. The saddest part is my place is jacking the rent up this year and I already decided it’s worth it to not deal with a new and almost certainly worse management team.”


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“Bouncer. The people being bounced are usually jerks, your boss is certainly a jerk, your coworkers are probably jerks, and you are probably a jerk. If you didn’t start as a crappy bouncer, you probably become one quickly because of the environment.”

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