Incorporating simple and effective frugal practices into your daily routine can significantly enhance your financial well-being and maximize your earnings.

A netizen recently asked, What is the most frugal thing you do or have done to save money?

OP says, “So I’m watching the TLC show Extreme Cheapskates & it’s so obviously scripted & it’s making me mad lol. So now I’m interested in some REAL things people do to save money that maybe some other people might call you a “cheapskate” for, no matter how crazy! Lol. Hopefully, we can all get some good ideas on how to save money from each other as well!” 

We’ve curated the best 15 responses for you below: 

Goodwill Or Thrift Stores 

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“Shop Goodwill or thrift stores first. I have a running list of things I need/want in my phone and if I am near any of the thrift stores, I’ll pop in there and check. I have things on the list like baseball bats, books (for me and the classroom), used sheets (for painting) etc.”

Questioning Every Purchase

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“I once challenged myself to question every single purchase and justify it to myself.

It got to the point I wouldn’t get a gumball from a machine because I couldn’t justify the purchase. Don’t want to live like that but I know I can.”

Plucking Wild Fruits

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“I have picked wild grapes, blueberries, huckleberries, strawberries, oranges and apples to help reduce my grocery bill. I’ve used them to make jelly and used the strained pulp to make fruit leather for my kids. I’ve also canned and frozen them for future meals.”

Worked Opposite Shifts To Avoid Daycare Costs

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“I wouldn’t call it extreme, but we worked opposite shifts while our kids were little to avoid daycare costs.” Said one.

“Big respect for that. My dad worked the first shift and my mom worked the second shift when I was a kid and I didn’t understand why for the longest time. She would get mad because I’d set my alarm clock for 11 pm for when she got home so I could hug her and say good night.” Another added.

Dumpster Diving

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“My hobby is recycling scrap metal/dumpster diving. I have not had to buy light bulbs in over 10 years because I find them still attached to the lamps and ceiling fans I pick up for scrap.”

Using Clothes Till Eternity

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“I use clothes for like 30 years.  I have a whole hierarchy of clothes:  This is still okay in public, this is down to just sitting around the house, this is down to just working in the yard, and this is down to the rag bag.”

Saying No To Debts

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“Refuse to take on any debts other than the house. We save cash for anything we need. It may sound pretty basic to a lot of you but I know way too many who get the $100k+ job and are house poor with multiple $600+ car notes.”

Bringing Lunch To Work

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“I always bring my lunch to work. I don’t go out or have anything brought in (like Uber Eats, Doordash, etc.). It saves me so much.”

Using Local Library

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“Use your local library! Nowadays a lot of them even have phone apps available where you can borrow ebooks, comics, audiobooks, and even some TV shows and movies. Some libraries in my area offer tool rentals, free museum passes, seed banks, cheap 3D printing, and don’t forget about cheap regular printing. Don’t buy a printer unless you need one often. Just go to the library and pay like $0.20 a page.”

Walking Instead Of Driving

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“Not possible for everyone but I’m fortunate to live only a couple blocks from running errands, so walking it is. It’s healthy, I get a nice view instead of being cut off in traffic, and walking is free!

Gotta carry an insulated shopping bag but other than that, it’s worked out great.”

Reusing Water For Watering Plants

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“All water goes to our plants. When we refresh our cats’ water we pour old water into our front porch garden. Same with my nightstand water pitcher. Water cost savings are minimal but I feel better not wasting water.”

Not Owning A Car

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“Don’t own a car. I live in a rural area with 2 part-time jobs, one is WFH and the other is within walking distance. Not having to deal with the cost of vehicle ownership makes a HUGE difference when you make $14/hour. My partner owns one though, so we still can go places but I can’t find a job that pays enough to make up for the difference of the increased bills to buy my own vehicle.”

The Basics

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“Just a few: Use the free gym at my complex, use a face wash bar instead of liquid, cut my own hair, make my own stock from bones and veggie scraps, only shop from the discount/clearance section, stick to my list, always use a credit card that gets me 5% back (and pay it off in time to avoid interest), stopped wearing makeup, started calorie counting to lose weight and cut the grocery bill. My husband joked that my motto is “paying full price is for losers”.”

No Traffic Tickets, No Credit Card Interests, No Car Payments

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“Not had any traffic tickets in 25 years, not paid any credit card interest since 2007, no car payments in the past 5 years.”

Homemade Sugar Wax

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“Making my own sugar wax. Costs me about .75 for a full body wax, 115$ for getting it professionally done. 1/4 cup lemon juice, 1/4 cup water and 1 cup of sugar boiled at medium-high until it’s an Amber colour and then cooled in a glass jar. I cut my own cotton strips out of an old bedsheet and wash them after use.”

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