The Internet exposure we experience today is entirely different from the one people used to do back when it was a young, budding fantasy.

So, internet veterans, assemble! Here’s your chance to dive deep into some lovely and not-so-lovely flashbacks. 

An internet user asked, “What is so ancient only an Internet veteran can remember?”. The responses were so relatable that we couldn’t have missed them!


The Pictures Loading 

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“Pictures loading one line at a time.”, said one. 

“I remember picking out a free game to play online, going to have lunch while it loaded (stupid Shockwave player) then coming back. If you were lucky the game wasn’t terrible.”, another added.  


The Webpage Loading Duration 

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“Having a stack of magazines or something else by the computer to distract yourself while a webpage loads.” 


Personal Web Pages

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“Personal web pages with counters.”, said one. 

“I just checked and somehow my Angelfire page is still there.  Not all the links work but some do.”, another added. 



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“Using Mapquest to download turn-by-turn directions for vacation and it is a massive stack of papers sometimes. Killed the toner one time in the printer and had to go get more before we could get the last few pages.” 


Encarta Encyclopedia

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“I had it on a CD and used to spend hours on it. It was basically my internet substitute.” 


Separate Phone Lines For The Devices 

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“I remember when you couldn’t use the computer and be on the phone at the same time unless you had 2 separate phone lines. 

And you had to dial into the internet. The provider gave out a list of numbers in case one was busy.” 


Using ICQ, Winamp Skins, Or CDs To Access The Internet 

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“ICQ, Winamp skins, CDs to access the internet, and the best of the best: the glorious 56k modem dialling sound.”, said one.

“Always had to have the most edge lord-looking skin for Winamp, regardless of how functional it was. It has to be black, red and pointy. LOL”, another added.


Sound Of A Dialup Modem

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“The sound of a dial-up modem does when connecting to the internet – you young punks!”, said one.

“…and knowing from the sound what sort of speed you would get, and either carrying on with it or pulling the plug because it might be too slow!”, another added. 


Hamster Dance & Blender Frog

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“Hamster Dance and the  Blender Frog.”, said one. 

“Thank you so much for this comment. I started singing hamster dance 2 days ago but couldn’t remember what I knew it from. My husband looked at me like I was crazy.”, another added. 



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“God, I loved Napster. For users set up correctly, you could see another’s music library so if you were to obtain a tune from them, you could see what similar music interests you had, and broaden your own tastes.” 


Netscape Navigator

I'm sorry, I have no idea man.
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“I remember when Netscape introduced the revolutionary concept of having tabs. You could be one page, ctrl + click a link halfway through, and let it load while you finished reading the first one. It saved a lot of time, and affects how I use web browsers to this day.” Being A Bookstore

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“For the longest time, when Amazon just started to pop off, people would mention the stuff they ‘bought off Amazon’ and I’d think to myself “how are you buying that off *amazon*? Why is a bookstore selling wisks?” 


Song Downloads Through Shady Torrent Sites

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“Having to download a song overnight on dial-up through some shady torrent site, and the next morning was like playing Russian roulette finding out if you downloaded a song or a virus.”, said one. 

“And then after that, it was some weird sped-up version or recorded off the radio and impossible to hear. You rolled the dice if you waited hours to get a garbage useless thing that risked your computer.”, another added. 


The Dancing Baby 

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“The herald of the death of information… the dancing baby.”, said one.

“I thought that was a fever dream. Thanks for confirming that existed.”, another added. 



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“Webrings. I thought I was the hottest shit when my Final Fantasy Tactics geocities page got added to a Final Fantasy webring.

It was legit just every single compressed jpg I could find mashed onto one page with no rhyme or reason.” 

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