Even simple, ordinary things can sometimes be disturbing. Is there anything seemingly normal that hurts you?  A user asked the forum, “What is something that sounds innocent, but in reality, it is very disturbing?”


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“I always thought that Santa breaking into your house at night was kind of crazy.”


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“The lyrics to an awful lot of popular love songs.”


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“Free to Play” “Free to Use” Online Services or Apps, but in reality, they sell your info to ads and are fraud companies.”


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“If you’ve got nothing to hide, you’ve got nothing to fear.”

On the surface, it sounds innocent, but it’s telling you that you should be okay with having your privacy invaded on the assumption that you *might* be hiding something.”


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“The concept of physical/digital assets as subscriptions. We’re moving towards a society where you no longer own anything; just pay the manufacturer monthly for the privilege to use something you should rightfully own.”


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“Asking why you don’t have kids and if you don’t have them at a certain age either you can’t have, don’t want, or are struggling to have them; outside of that, they are querying your private life.

It’s none of your business.”


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“Parents raising their kids by providing for their physical needs, but leaving their emotional development needs to professionals, like teachers and sports leaders.”


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“If any workplace tells you “we’re like family,” you better run. Even if they offer you a tempting salary, hell no!”


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“Those weird shirts they make for kids that say joking things like “ladies man”… always rubbed me the wrong way.”


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“You should give him a chance!” Bullying women or girls into a relationship with someone they don’t want.”


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“Professional social media personalities who use their children in their videos/posts.

They make it seem like they’re just a big happy family and want to share their joy with the world, but everything you see is a carefully crafted public image.

With children doing lots of unpaid labor to create their image and having their privacy perpetually violated and their private moments broadcast to the public to line their parents’ pockets.”


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“We need a strong leader.”

Sure, we need effective leaders, but “We need a strong leader” are words every ambitious dictator wannabe loves to hear. Guess who else were strong leaders? Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Amin, Hussein, Gaddafi, Pinochet, Noriega, Pot, Xi, Putin, to name but a few.”

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