Life is a continuous learning journey, and every experience, including our mistakes, serves as a valuable lesson. Embrace each encounter, even the missteps, as they shape our understanding of ourselves and the world around us.

A user asked the forum, “What’s your “I was young and stupid” story?”. Here are the best stories from the forum.


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“I got engaged at 18 after nine months of dating. Hahahahaha. I am an idiot.”


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“Flew to England when I was 22 with just $150 in my pocket. Not the smartest decision I’ve ever made but it did lead to me being properly diagnosed with bipolar disorder/ADHD.”


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“I believed her when she said she was on birth control. Imagine paying child support at 18.”


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“I inherited some life insurance money (not like it was a million dollars or anything) at 18 but didn’t save it.”


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“Got arrested for stripping without a license. Now, I have a misdemeanor on my record. You do not want to have to explain why you got that misdemeanor on a job interview. I always lie.”


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“I was young and stupid and got a PhD thinking it would be worthwhile and fun… it was not.”


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“I made a zip line with a rope and a pulley from a tree to a dock on my friend’s lake. For the handle, we decided a branch from a tree would work. The 45-foot fall when the handle broke instantly was terrifying and painful.

Broke my foot and limped around for a few months because of my knee. As soon as I felt better, we built another zip line in my backyard, and when I was cutting the grass with the riding mower, the steering wheel caught it at its lowest point and flipped the mower backward on top of me.

I ended up in the ER in shock with a concussion. Two weeks later, we put another zip line up.”


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“I was 7, and at recess, I spent pretty much all my time on a swing. One day, I convinced myself that if I swung high enough, I could fly.

Once I got to a pretty good height, I let go. I landed in the gravel, neck and chin first. I busted open my chin, requiring about four stitches. I have no idea how I didn’t break my neck.”


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“I ate a poison jellyfish for a dare.”


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“I was 15 or 16 years old, male. I was walking around in my small tourist town. A guy came up to me and offered me money to help him move some furniture.

I always needed more money, so I said, “Sure, let’s go.” We did actually move some furniture. He offered me a beer. I declined, got my money, and left.

Turned out fine, but looking back, it definitely feels like I was close to getting abused. I don’t know how things would’ve gone if I had accepted the beer.”


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“Sleepover with my friend. At some point in the night, she woke me up with a sparkle on my face at 5 a.m.

I wanted payback, and I lit a 90-second whistling firework on her deck with the door open. It woke the whole neighborhood up, and her living room was covered in smoke. I learned that whistling fireworks can be extremely loud and smoky.”


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“When I was in grade school, I flushed a Barbie head down the toilet cause I thought it was going to shoot back out after watching an episode of Kablam where the Action League Now segment had some characters get flushed down the toilet and then get shot back out.

I was devastated when I realized it wasn’t coming back! Makes me sad just reliving that moment.”


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“Went to college. Wanted to be a teacher. Thought I’d make enough money to live.”


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“I’m still young, and this happened recently. Driving to pick up a pizza at about 11:30 in the night, I was so determined to get there before closing that I overtook a car. Didn’t notice that car was a cop car.”


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“I moved to another state with a woman who I thought was divorcing her husband for me.

This was two years ago when I was 18. She was 25, I believe.

Despite it being somewhat recent, it matured very fast afterward.”

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