What do you think are the best years of a person’s life? Is it the period between 15 and 30 years of age? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

A netizen recently asked, “Is it true that 15-30 is the best years of your life?

I have heard people say this and as someone in my early 20’s, it stresses me out more than it maybe should, but is it true? Do I need to make the most of my 20’s and then it’s all downhill?”.

Below, we’ve curated the top responses.

Not In My Experience

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“Not in my experience. Things took a turn for the better around age 28 for me. I’m almost 40 now, and you could not pay me to go back and be 20 years old again.

PS – There is still a lot to enjoy being in your 20’s but it also can be a stressful time just getting your life figured out.”

18 – 23 Are The Worst Years

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“18-23 were probably the worst years of my life. I didn’t really know what the hell to do with myself as I barely squeaked by High School and had a low-paying job until I was about 21.

Honestly, now that I’m almost 40… I think the last 5 years have been the best years of my life now that I have pretty much everything together and my youngest kid is out of daycare.

Before then, I always thought that age 10-15 was the best. Old enough to do pretty much anything fun (Rides, Sports, Sleepovers) but too young to work for the most part. School was still pretty easy and summer break was the best.”

According To Research, Middle Age It Is!

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“Psychological research on this topic suggests most people’s ‘best years’ with regards to what you’re referencing are in middle age. Anecdotally speaking, I can confirm.”

Not Even Close!

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“Not even close! 30-40 were hands down the best years of my life. You have some experience, and money, you are more established. I was single 30-40 and that was the best period of my life by a long shot.”

That’s Just About ‘Some’ People

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“The people whose lives went downhill after 30 made it a self-fulfilling prophecy. They think they are too old for everything, get out of shape, and take on a lot of liabilities, because ‘that’s what being 30 is about’.

As long as you live a life that’s true to yourself then you wouldn’t need to worry.”

At That Age, You’re Still Figuring Life Out

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“15-30, you’re still figuring life out. You’re just now realizing your parents didn’t know everything, and they were winging it just like you are now.”

There Is NO Best Time

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“There is no best time of your life’ IMO, and calling it such makes it sound like life goes downhill after 30, it doesn’t. Life gets *different*, but it’s not going downhill.

From 15-30, you will likely have the fewest responsibilities as an adult than you ever will in your life if you have kids in your early 30’s.

Having kids is hard, it’s a lot of responsibility, but it’s also absolutely amazing and more fun than you might realize.”

Forties Are The Best

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“I’m 48 and my forties, by far, have been the best years of my life. I wouldn’t go back to 15-30 for a million dollars.”

Don’t Believe That Hype

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“Oh, my god. No. 18-30 were the worst years of my life.

I always say that my life didn’t even really BEGIN until I was 30. Life didn’t get good until then. Don’t believe that hype.”

Life Doesn’t Work Like That

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“Life doesn’t work like that. Everyone’s got their own journey and you have very little info to go on as to what comes next. Keep your eyes wide and thank your stars for what does go your way. Lots of love.”

It Gets Better With Every Year

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“Every year gets better. Even the bad stuff this year (and there has been some monumental bad stuff this year) doesn’t outweigh how much better everything is overall.

Mileage may vary. My recommendations? Work hard, but not too hard. Live within your means financially. Get hobbies.

Ages 15-25 was pretty weird.”

Health Wise, Yes. Maturity Wise, No

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“Health-wise yes, your wolverine healing factor starts crashing after 40. Maturity wise no, your most productive years are after 40.”

More Comfortable In the 40’s

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“15 to 30 was pretty wild for me and an exciting time of my life, but I’m considerably more comfortable in practically every way in my mid 40’s.”

I Guess It Depends

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“I guess it kinda depends. They’re certainly the years of your life whereby you’ll be the most free (from responsibilities), but you’re unlikely to be materially rich unless you’re born Donald Trump Jr.

I imagine there’s also a gender component to it. 18 – 30 for women is pretty great. At that age range, you’ll never have a greater selection of quality and quantity of men to choose from so if marriage is your goal, it’s a good age range.

Men on the other hand suffer a bit in that age demographic.

Swings and roundabouts!”

Varies For Men And Women

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“If you are a woman, yes. If you are a man, then that’s when it starts to get good. If you are male, try to focus on fitness and your skills to earn income.

By the time you are in your 30’s, you’ll be fine. If you are female, it depends on what you want in life. Family or career. But if you are going in the family direction, it gets much harder once you are in your 30’s.”

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