Individuals with limited intellectual capacity often overcomplicate matters and gravitate towards unsubstantiated beliefs. In contrast, those with superior intellectual abilities exercise discretion in expending their energy, focusing on matters of true significance.

A user asked the forum, “What is something dumb people love but smart people hate?”. Read the top comments here.


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“Those math equations that appear on Facebook all the time.”


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“Talking about things they don’t understand with confidence.”


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“Those chain messages! “Send this message to 10 people to wake up with $$$ in your account tomorrow!” or “Forward this to 10 people, or you’re going to hell.”


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“Dumbest people I know think everyone is wrong. Other cultures are bad. There is only one way to skin a cat and lack all reasoning skills.”


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“Thinking everyone’s opinion has equal value.

No, your opinion on something you are not an expert in is not as good as an actual expert. Hell, ten experts’ opinions are better than millions of inexpert opinions.

Also, I like the “smart/dumb” phrasing in the question. There are intelligent, very educated people who are really dumb.”


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“Pop science videos are really great when you don’t already know the science. When you do know it, though, it’s absurdly frustrating to listen to all the topics that get oversimplified or poorly explained.

I’m not saying it’s bad to watch them per se, but it’s definitely not very enjoyable when you already know the subject.”


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“Most conspiracy theories. I’d say more than half the time, it’s people not being able to process the truth or facts, so they make up an alternative, or there has to be an alternative. Except for maybe a few that hold weight, face it, life deals bad things, and that’s just that.”


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“People who bring up Trump on any given topic.”


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“Too much interest in celebrities’ lives or everyone’s life around them, which they don’t need to!”


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“Making fun of people’s physical traits.”


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“Conservatism. I’m dead serious.”


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“Covering their trucks with aggressive political stickers, signs, and flags.”


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“Spending money they don’t have on things they don’t need, to impress people they don’t like.”

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