Despite the abundance of genuine experiences, humans often yearn for the fantastical. A user asked the forum, What do you wish was real? Here are the top responses. 


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“A button to enable me to walk away/do anything I want to with no consequences, and everyone will just act like it’s normal; this would be super useful in class.” 


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“Dream recording machine that allows you to watch your dreams. I have crazy, vivid dreams, and I would love to be able to experience them again like I would a movie.”


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“That machine in Elysium that cures whatever is wrong with the person inside.”


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“Magic. Like proper wizard-style magic And The Force.”

“Christ, I cannot say how much I wish magic were real. Actual magic, wave my hands around, feel mana or whatever within me to exude the power of some kind. Or the classic bard playing an instrument and making something float or do its bidding.”


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“This is actually the one superpower I want more than anything. Running late for work, boom, at work and on time. Never sit in traffic ever again, not to mention you’d have an awesome career as a magician.”


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“Karma, I would like to see consequences for some actions.”


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“Being able to take a “photo” through your own eyes, of what is actually in front of you at the moment, without having to pause and grab a phone or camera. There are so many times that I look at something and wish I could capture it exactly as it is that second.”


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“Food that appeared out of nowhere and instantly healed injuries.”


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“Enlightened human culture that has ended poverty, disease, ignorance, prejudices, war, and was no longer driven by wealth accumulation. And that we worked together to better ourselves and all of humanity.”


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“Competent government officials that put the will of the people over their own self-interests.”

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