People perform many different jobs to earn a living, but some jobs are considered so useless that no one would notice if they disappeared. A user asked the forum, “What job could completely stop existing, and the world would continue on like it never existed at all?”. Here are the top responses.


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“Telemarketers. Nobody asks to be called at inconvenient times by them, nobody wants it, and if it never happened again, I feel like nobody in the world would miss it.”


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“Gas station attendants in New Jersey, let me pump my damn gas.”


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If you can figure out how to get rid of all the scammers in the world, I feel like it should be a Nobel prize-winning accomplishment. They can wreak havoc on people’s finances.”


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“Car salesman, at least in their current form. Suppose you could just walk up and buy a car at MSRP. No haggling, no pushy salesman trying to talk nonsense. Just some dude there to facilitate the transaction. I doubt anybody would care.”


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“Door-to-door sales.

Solicitation at private residences should be illegal. Stop trying to advertise to me in my own home. There’s enough of that on the internet; I don’t need it at my front door.

Also, then they have the gall to get upset when people respond to them with hostility when you’re literally there to bother people.”


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“Elevator attendant in Japan. I was surprised to see them a few months ago, and I thought they were extinct already, LOL.”


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“I feel like travel agents have mostly gone extinct, and nobody seems to notice or miss them.”


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“The people doing horoscopes in papers.”


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“Influencers…if this is considered a job.”


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“Real estate agents!!!

I am astonished that this was so far down. It is obviously the correct answer here. Many of the other sales positions mentioned actually drive sales.

Real estate agents don’t sell houses. People buy houses because they need a place to live or they want to invest. The real estate agent just collects a convenience fee on both ends for doing a job that an app could do.”


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“In my experience, middle managers not being there doesn’t tend to make much difference.”


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“The fashion designers who come up with the ludicrous outfits that no one actually wears in real life; also, the models who wear them on the catwalk.”


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“Stock/wall street traders. The world might actually improve without them, so maybe it doesn’t count.”


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“With how much this job is declining and less and fewer people care about their shoes. I’m gonna say Cobbler.

Unless you have a family heirloom pair of shoes, most people won’t think twice about getting their shoes professionally restored. Rather, they’ll just buy new ones.”


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“Financial and lifestyle coaches. They make money by telling people to do things they don’t do themselves; it’s such a scam.”

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