While America is celebrated for adopting diverse cultures worldwide, it undeniably boasts some unique elements that are entirely its own. Many people joke that America has no culture since it borrows from so many different cultures. So what cultural aspects/products were created in America?”. Below, we’ve curated the top responses.


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American universities directly manage and fund their athletic programs, making them central to the university identity. This fosters strong alumni and community support, which is rarely seen elsewhere. On top of that, American sports culture tends to emphasize individual sports like basketball, baseball, and football, which are well-suited for the college sports model.

While college sports are enjoying increasing popularity in some other countries, they are unlikely to ever replicate the level of cultural significance and dominance they hold in the United States.

“Yes, this is an American thing. It exists elsewhere, but nobody cares about it. Not even the people who attend the school,” says a user.


1. porsche
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“Drive-thru. Drive-ins. Road trips. Car culture,” says a user.

We all know how drive-thrus became increasingly popular throughout the US, especially with fast-food chains like McDonald’s and In-N-Out Burger. US drive-ins also often have a nostalgic charm associated with classic Americana. In other countries, they may be seen as more modern and family-friendly entertainment options. Road trips are also deeply ingrained in American culture, fueled by the vastness of the landscape and the freedom of the open road. As such, the entire car culture is often seen as a quintessential American experience.


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“Barbeque, of course,” says a user.

“I’m in discord with a bunch of Europeans, and they’ll show me their barbeques, and they break my heart. It’s just a cookout, I only ever call it a grilling or cookout cause it isn’t BBQ. They’re grilling kabobs, not barbequing,” another adds.

American barbeque typically involves cooking meat at low temperatures for extended periods, producing a distinct smoky flavor and tender texture. While other cultures may marinate their meat before grilling or cooking it over direct heat, American barbecue relies heavily on the smoky flavor of wood smoke. This emphasis on smoke creates a distinct and characteristic flavor profile, which isn’t common elsewhere.


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“Jazz and other things in that vein, created by black Americans in the last century,” says a user.

Jazz musicians constantly push boundaries and create new sounds, mirroring the American cultural value of innovation and exploration. Jazz has also often served as a platform for social commentary, addressing issues like racial injustice, economic hardship, and political turmoil. This reflects the American tradition of using art as a form of social critique and activism.


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“Homecoming. I thought it was made up until I dated an American many years ago,” says a user.

The modern tradition of “Homecoming,” with its specific features and festivities, is primarily considered an American phenomenon. Homecoming celebrations can be traced back to mid-19th century American universities, coinciding with the rise of college football. These early celebrations were primarily social gatherings for alumni to return to their alma mater and reconnect with old friends. Over time, the focus shifted towards celebrating the school spirit and supporting the football team.

It is often depicted in movies, TV shows, and literature, further solidifying its place in the American consciousness.


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“Hard taco shells. I don’t mean fried tacos like taquitos and flautas, which are Mexican. I mean the mass-produced, ready-to-fill, U-shaped taco shell you get in most non-authentic ‘Mexican’ restaurants,” says a user.

While tacos are deeply rooted in Mexican cuisine, the hard taco shell is an invention born and bred in the United States. Its creation wasn’t an accident but rather a deliberate move to cater to American tastes and preferences. Between the 1960s and 70s, Taco Bell, along with other fast-food chains, heavily marketed the hard-shell taco as a fun, convenient, and Americanized version of Mexican food. The focus shifted away from traditional ingredients like fresh herbs and salsas towards ground beef, shredded cheese, and lettuce, appealing to American palates.


2. skateboard
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“Skater culture. Depending on the finer points of Pacific Island influence, surfer culture,” says a user.

Undeniably, the United States has played a significant role in skateboarding’s history, with iconic brands like Thrasher and Element, influential figures like Tony Hawk, and renowned skateparks like California’s Venice Beach. Even though American skaters were heavily influenced by styles and techniques from countries like Brazil, Australia, and Japan, it did become an inseparable part of the American culture.


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“American gun culture, for all its problems. We didn’t invent the gun, but we made it much better, and many of us were taught to shoot as children and taught our kids to shoot as children. For my family, it was our family bonding thing. New members of the family were shot. Whether you’re plinking in your back pasture or participating in a formal competition, we have a great tradition of firearm fun,” says a user.

American gun culture stands out due to its historical, political, and social context. The United States has a significantly higher gun ownership rate than most developed countries, owing to the American ethos that emphasizes self-reliance and individual responsibility, which extends to self-defense. As a result, guns are frequently portrayed in a positive light in American media, including movies, television, and music, reinforcing gun culture stereotypes.


middle school teacher
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“High school proms,” says a user.

Prom evolved into a significant rite of passage in American high school life, marking the transition from adolescence to young adulthood. Dance halls, florists, and clothing stores promote prom-related products and services, contributing to the event’s glamor and popularity.

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