Religion is a personal and complex topic, and there are many reasons why someone might turn their back on it. For some, it may be a gradual process that takes place over time, while for others it may be a sudden and decisive decision. There is no right or wrong answer, and ultimately, the decision of whether or not to follow a religion is a personal one.

A user asked, what made you turn your back on religion? and here are the top 10 reasons.

Note: These are not the writer’s personal belief

1. It Stopped Making Sense

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When someone said, “What they taught didn’t make any sense,” another Redditor answered, “There is an all-powerful, loving God who decided to create humans but also cancer. He decided everyone had intrinsic sin but then changed his mind and sent his son, who is also Himself, down to earth to preach some particular teachings to a small ethnic group of Israelites. Then he got murdered, but that’s a good thing, and you can’t wear mixed fabrics or be gay; otherwise, he gets sad.”

Another responded, “There are so many contradictions and plain absurd ideas. Just from the top of my head. God created man in his image, yet acts like a little sad when a man does things in his nature. Why doesn’t god do anything about the absolute stupid ton of insane horrors that have happened to humans throughout history? If he can’t, he isn’t all-powerful. If he won’t, he isn’t all loving.”

2. Putting Religion Ahead of Humanity

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“People put religion first over being a good human being.”

“Jesus was not ambiguous on how to treat your neighbors, the downtrodden, poor, and mentally ill.”

3. Asking Questions Getting You in Trouble

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“Also, asking questions gets you in trouble.”

“That’s what I couldn’t get over when I was seven and asked the nuns why god made Adam and Eve go through all of that if he knew they would fail. “Because we have free will.” So why was God messing with people? “You can ask him yourself when you get to heaven.” Then they would repeat that last answer to everything else I asked. They couldn’t say, “We don’t know,” they just told me to ask god when we’re face-to-face. Doesn’t help me now, does it?”

“When I was in first or second grade, I asked a nun where God came from. She acted like the question didn’t make sense and referred me to the priest. That’s when it became clear to me that they didn’t know anything I didn’t know, and I was just a little kid.”

4. Lack of Evidence

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“Lack of evidence supporting the existence of god.”

4. When It Became About Money

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“Parishioners were relentlessly hounded to increase their pledges. On top of that, the church went on a major “Capital Funds Drive” to redecorate and refurbish the buildings (even though there were many millions in the endowment fund). Somehow, matters of faith were eclipsed by “The Almighty Dollar”

“Seriously. They expect you to donate 10% of your income to the church.”

5. Reading

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“Same here; I started reading the bible during the lockdown and found a load of nasty stuff which convinced me that I didn’t like what Christianity stood for, so I decided to stop believing.”

6. When Things Became Nasty

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“A very religious friend once told me “It’s a shame you don’t believe in god; you’re a nice person and don’t deserve to burn for eternity.” I was like…if that happens, your god is a jerk, and I wouldn’t worship them even if it were proven without a doubt that that god existed.”

“I’m open to the idea of a higher power. I don’t think it’s impossible that life was seeded on Earth by higher beings. But I’d want to see the evidence before I believed it, and I certainly don’t think that millionaires who demand money from the poor are the people spreading the word of any savior.”

7. Manipulation and Hypocrisy

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“I come from a fairly religious family (some are very, others, not so much, some not at all). I became an atheist at the age of six. Why? Simply put, I could see, even then, how badly religion is used to manipulate, control, bully, intimidate, and attack people. And I wanted NO part of that.”

“I learned what hypocrisy meant at nine years old when I was told I was supposed to love everyone equally, but that I can’t marry a black woman “because it’s not right.” That’s the moment I started questioning things.

What made me leave altogether was when I moved to a city with actual stoplights and went to a new church. I saw how many people in it treated everything like a piety competition while at church but then disregarded all of it the other six days of the week.  That made me realize it was all a sham and the people who stay in it are liars somewhat.”

8. Narratives

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“I grew up as a Christian and even spent a little time working in ministry. For years some nagging things didn’t add up for me. I worked for Child Protection Services for years. I decided any God that has the power to prevent heinous abuse against his supposed innocent but doesn’t. He is either a sadist I don’t want to worship or nonexistent. If this all started between God and Satan, they could leave me out of it.”

9. Too Many Religions

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“The fact there are over 4,000 religions in existence today. Which one of them is right?!

South Park did a great episode on this, btw, where everyone died, and I think only the Mormons went to heaven; all other religions went to hell because it turns out they were incorrect in choosing their faith. Epitomized how ridiculous religion is.”

10. Lack of Critical Thinking

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“Lack of critical thinking (often discouraging critical thinking) and deeply ingrained misogyny. Abrahamic religions get a lot of hate for their hypocrisy and misogynic views, and Buddhism gets off too easy.”

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