Pregnancy can be an emotional time for women, and it’s not uncommon for them to experience mood swings and irritability. However, if your pregnant sister-in-law is yelling at your brother for calling her a “whale,” it’s important to address the situation.

A user asked the forum, ”Am I a jerk for telling my pregnant sister-in-law to stop yelling at my brother for making her a “whale”?


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The original poster’s (OP) sister-in-law is pregnant with her first child, and she gets that pregnancy is hard, but for the last few weeks, OP’s sister-in-law has been lashing out at OP’s brother non-stop, and he looks visibly stressed out. 


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OP says that her sister-in-law did it in front of their family, but nobody defends a brother or says anything to her because they’re all excited about the baby, so they’re treating her like a queen who can do no wrong.


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OP says that she loves her sister-in-law, and they are like sisters since they grew up together, which is why OP felt comfortable telling her to stop.


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OP spoke up after she started yelling at her brother for making her into a whale. 

OP’s brother kept apologizing to her, and everybody was asking her to calm down and telling her how beautiful she was and how she didn’t look big at all.


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When OP and her sister-in-law were alone, OP told her how she was behaving unfairly and treating her brother badly, and stressing him out.


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OP thought she took it well since she said she knew, but not since she started crying to her brother. Now everybody is treating OP like she was the devil now for making her sister-in-law cry.


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OP’s brother told her to stay out of his marriage and to mind her own business because OP’s brother thought that OP didn’t understand what she was going through, and he said she was causing her sister-in-law stress. 

OP tried to explain that she wasn’t trying to hurt her, but she felt like her sister-in-law was being mean, but it hasn’t helped the situation.


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“I’ve never seen any friends or family of mine who’ve had children treat their partner like that while pregnant.

She is completely out of line, and your family should be ashamed for treating you like that for defending your brother, which they also should be doing.

Your brothers are spineless for lashing out at you like that.”


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“Is the brother spineless, or is he going to have to deal with the fallout of OP calling out his wife?

Don’t get me wrong; OP was right to call her out. Not a jerk on that but the SIL’s behavior is suspicious (as in, I would check for signs of her being abusive or at least an unhealthy partner), and she might make it worse for her brother, blaming him for what OP said too.

The rest of the family are jerks, though. I get that the woman is pregnant and stressed, but there are limits.”


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“You are not a jerk. And shame to everyone for supporting her. How can she yell at him in infront of everyone? What audacity.

If I was you, I would shut her down right there; you were too kind to talk to her in private; someone has to stop this abusive behavior.”

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