Ever considered how simple items can bring immense joy and enrichment to your life.

A user asked, “What is something super cheap that vastly improves your quality of life?” Here are the top picks:

1. Microwave Splatter Cover

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“I received a microwave splatter cover as a Christmas present. I heard it was bought at a dollar store. It’s my most valued, most often used gift of many years.”

2. Dental Floss

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“I recently made myself get in the habit of flossing daily. I used to floss maybe once every two weeks. Let me tell you; it is AMAZING what a difference it makes.

My teeth and gums look and feel soooo much better. Weirdly, a random offhand comment by the hygienist prompted me to change, something like, “…if you don’t think you can floss daily, then [some recommendation I don’t remember].” And it struck me how ridiculous it is that I can’t do this task that takes 30 seconds after I brush my teeth.

So now I do, and it’s been a more noticeable improvement than I could have imagined.”

3. Binder Clip

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“Binder clips. Handy for closing chip bags. Handy for anchoring picnic tablecloths to the table. Handy for posting things prominently so you remember to do them.

I keep some in multiple house rooms and in my vehicles.”

4. Cheap Organizational Containers

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“Cheap organizational containers- I tend to misplace things a lot, so having my items (office supplies, makeup, food, etc.) allocated to different boxes saves me so much time and frustration. Also, it allows me to save space by vertically organizing my desk/cabinets via stacking boxes.”

5. Humidifier

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“Humidifier/diffuser/air purifier – The diffuser I got was from Five Below and had a low capacity, so it could only humidify a tiny space, but all you do is put essential oils into the small sponge provided, and it makes the room smell incredible.

My tiny, drab dorm smelled like roses and was beautified by the changing rainbow light built in, which made my time in there less miserable lol. If you live in a cold, dry midwestern state like me, then a humidifier is a significant investment, and you can find a pretty good one under $20 on Amazon.”

6. Growing Vegetables

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“Growing my vegetables. Getting out in fresh air and working in it. Frees my mind and helps me relax. Plus is fresh vegetables.”

7. Whiteboards

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“A whiteboard. It’s hung inside my front door and great for making to-do lists and leaving notes for my housemate when we’re working opposite shifts.”

8. Shoe Organizer

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“Clear door hanging shoe organizer. I use it for storage & organization. I have ADHD, so object permanence is essential to remember I even have something.

I lose many random small items quickly or get mixed up with many other items. It helps keep my space clean, makes it easy to put stuff away (just a simple drop), and relieves the constant stress of losing something. Bonus points for adding labels to help me keep it organized and not mixed up.”

9. Shoe Insoles

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“Shoe insoles! I have high arches, walk a lot for my job, and woke up with foot pain every morning. Since I got insoles, my foot pain has been gone. I couldn’t believe something so small could make that big difference.”

10. Fans

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“Fans. When the house is hot and the outside is cool, a window fan can vent the heat out fast. In winter, the fan move warm afternoon air in.”

11. No Soda

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“Drinking water, lol no sodas or carbonated beverages. My teeth, gut, and overall health are a bit grateful.”

12. De-Icer Spray

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“De-icer spray. I had never heard of this until a couple of years ago. I spent the first 22 years of my life as a driving person scraping ice off by hand or burning up all my gas, waiting for the window to defrost.

One day we were going somewhere, and my husband pulled out this magic spray elixir that melted the ice instantly. I was completely blown away. About $6. We only need it a couple of times yearly, but man, is it worth it.”

13. Training To Use Toilet

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“Training your cat to use the toilet. I have not bought litter in over a decade. The only upfront cost was a city kitty training kit.”

14. Homemade Bread

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“Homemade bread- takes a bit of time, but it is cheaper and better tasting than store-bought; there are no preservatives or weird whatever in it. Pinterest. It’s not just decorating, lol.

I’ve found exciting links to history, recipes, DIY ideas, etc. YouTube. Yes, I have to listen to ads, but in return, I get a personally curated playlist for free.”

15. White Vinegar

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“White vinegar. I use it for so much around the house: cleaning cat pee out of carpets, cleaning glass, fabric softener, and unclogging drains. Only $4-ish for a big jug. I hate the smell, but it does go away.”

16. Bidet

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“A Bidet. $30 = years of that clean feel

Say goodbye to never-ending wipes, messy wipes, and even the fear of running out of toilet paper. Everything about your ass hygiene is improved and simplified. Best $30 bucks of my life.”

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