A truly beautiful relationship is fostered by mutual effort, where both partners strive to bring joy and happiness to each other. When a man takes the initiative to express his love through thoughtful gestures and actions, the bond they share grows unbreakable

A user asked the forum, “What is the best thing a man can do for a woman?”. Here are the top responses.


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“Make sure it’s you and her against the world.”


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“When you have a baby, take photos of her and the baby when she’s not looking. Take videos of her playing with the kids.

Just take pictures of her and the kids. Not family pictures of everyone. Just her and the kids. Family shots are different.

Mothers are frequently taking candid pictures of children but nobody takes candid pictures of them with their children.

Dads, take pictures of mothers.”


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“Make her feel safe, heard and understood and if he doesn’t, the best thing he can do is leave.”


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“Be an equal partner in everything. Communicate or learn each other’s communication style.”


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“Listen. To. What. She. Says.Like, actually listen and take those things into account. Show interest in getting to know who she is, what she thinks and feels.”


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“Standing up for her when he sees her being mistreated by other men.”


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“Be thoughtful enough and mindful enough to get to know her before doing anything and do something for her that she will both appreciate and could use.”


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“Be her home and love her. When she’s talking about life and problems, be nice to her and take care of her.”


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“Cook her some good food. Love goes through the stomach.”


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“Be faithful, even on anonymous social media sites.”


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“Smell good, and keep your fingernails clean.”


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“Providing emotional value/support. Being sympathetic and treating her problems as if they are yours to solve.”


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“Straight up help with chore work. No “tell me what to do”. Does the garbage need to be thrown out? Take it out and add a new bag. Does the washroom need to be cleaned? Do it. Does a dish need to be washed? Do it.”


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“Surprise her sometimes by remembering something you shared and calling back to it.”

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