Have you ever wondered about the eerie enigmas that baffle investigators and curious minds? 

A user asked the forum, “What’s the creepiest unsolved mystery?” Here are the top responses. 


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“Kyron Horman. His stepmom took him to school, walked around the ‘Science Fair’ in the gym, and then he went to class. He has not been seen since. He was in school. Come on now. It’s been over a decade now. I have a ‘Google Alert’ on his name for updates.”


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“What happened to Andrew Gosden? He got a train to King’s Cross, London, and hasn’t been seen since.”


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“Brian Schaffer. He went into an OSU (Ohio State University) campus bar. He was never seen again. Filmed entering inside but never leaving. Tragically, his family members all met sad deaths in the decade following.”


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“The Eriksson twin sisters that ran across a motorway in England were hit several times by lorries and cars and kept moving somehow. Even the backstory and aftermath get weirder the more you find out, the stranger it gets.”


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“Stories about people disappearing in the woods of North America (which happens quite a lot, actually) tend to creep me out the most.”


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“Jeffrey Epstein’s island. His client list and his murder. So many ‘idols’ are guilty of doing bizarre stuff on the island, but never will anyone be convicted of anything. Also, the fact that sadistic money, greedy billionaires own the world, and so many people refuse to face the fact that we are all owned by the ‘elite.’ Look up Vanguard. Black Rock. Medici family. The rabbit hole is deep.”


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“Adam Richard Johnson from Minneapolis. In 2021, he was murdered, dismembered, and dumped in public places for weeks. His head was left on a park bench and found by a random person jogging by. There hasn’t been a single update since October 2021. 

Despite the brutal murder and blatant disregard for his corpse being discovered, the police aren’t giving it the attention it deserves because of his previous addiction and mental health issues. Adam was a father of two who tried his best. No one is perfect. Every murder should be given a proper investigation.”


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“As a Torontonian, I guess I will go with the murder of Barry and Honey Sherman. There seems to be no evidence or idea of what happened to them.”


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“The Hum. You’ll hear a low-pitched hum in the air in various parts of the world if you listen carefully. A few years ago, it happened here in San Diego all summer, a constant 38 Hz hum downtown, Kearny Mesa, even in Del Mar.”


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“Who killed Robert Wone on Peacock. 4 guys have a sleepover, one ends up dead an hour, and some change after he arrives. The other three guys are gay lovers, and no one tells on the other. They all stick to the story, and it’s so creepy if you watch the documentary. 

Eventually, they get away with it, but the police never discover what happens and how he was killed.”


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“Why North Korea is secretly hiding the last surviving population of Unicorns for their nefarious purposes.”


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“Ryan Shtutka. Disappeared off the Earth while walking home from a party.”


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“Larry Bader. It’s not necessarily creepy, but it’s bizarre for sure. Larry Bader was married with three kids. In March 1957, he went fishing on Lake Erie alone, even though he knew a storm was coming. The next day, they found his crashed boat, but Larry was nowhere to be seen.

Almost ten years later, in 1965, he was found by his niece doing an archery demonstration in Nebraska when he was originally from Ohio. When confronted, he swore he didn’t know anyone named Larry Bader, as he identified as Fritz Johnson. 

He claimed to have lived in Nebraska all his life, having memories as a child named Fritz. He also got married and had another kid. His niece, convinced Fritz was her uncle, requested that he go to the police and have his DNA (Deoxyribonucleic Acid) tested. He was, in fact, Larry Bader, but he had no recollection of his previous life.”


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“Sukumara Kurup. Period: mid-80s. This guy visits his hometown, a sleepy village in Kerala, India, with his wife and son from Dubai. 

He goes out drinking with some buddies and, on the way back, picks up a random stranger and kills him. Burns down the car they drove in with the body in it. Making it look like an accident. Entire people thought it was Kurup’s body in the car until police investigated and found that it was not Kurup. 

His buddies are caught, but he’s missing. Police suspect he tried to fake his death to get insurance money of about 10,000 USD, which was a pretty big amount back then. The man they murdered was supposed to be the body to fool the insurance agents to make the claim. 

It’s been decades now, and he’s still missing. He’s one of India’s most wanted criminals who still hasn’t been caught. Growing up, we heard stories of him being spotted nationwide. Recently, they made a movie on him as well.”


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“Jason Landry. Driving home for a break during college never gets there. They find his car on the side of the road, his clothes strewn about on the ground, but no sign of him. We’re the same age, and it happened near me, and I can’t help but think about him now and then.”


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“Over a dozen shoes with the foot still in them are found on British Columbia shores.”


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“The Zodiac Killer. He could’ve moved to your neighborhood after he stopped killing, and you’d never know. Odds are whoever it was is dead now, though.”


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“Lisa Marie Young. A 21-year-old girl disappeared on Vancouver Island. Police identified the man she left a party with to get a takeaway; his grandmother’s mother had some political clout, and that never found her, never found out what happened to her.”


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“Bung Siriboon. 13 girls in Melbourne, Australia, walking to school one June morning (so winter here) 11 years ago. She disappeared without a trace between her home and the school, no sign of her ever again, and no clue of what could have happened to her. 

She vanished from a very built-up suburb with houses everywhere; no one saw or heard a thing. I always think about Bung and wonder what happened to her.”

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