During Covid, the entire world changed upside down. There are so many changes that happened people cannot accept them till now.

A user asked the forum, “What was canceled during covid that you were most disappointed about?”. Let’s read the top comments by users on the forum.



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“24-hour locations. I am a night shift worker, and I appreciated having diners and super Walmarts that are open 24 hrs so I can eat or do.

I shop at 2-3 AM on my days off while I am awake. It’s always quieter and less crowded at those times too. Ever since COVID, everything has closed now, and I have to do my shopping in the early mornings.”



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“Funerals. My brother passed, and we could do nothing.”



7. library
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“Public things that never came back. Our city took the opportunity to close 2 of 4 library branches. A regional park system has kept some trail access closed for no good reason.”



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“I miss the canceled traffic. It was glorious.”



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“KFC buffet. There were 2 of them in my city. One of them closed and became Chipotle.

The other is still open, but they got rid of the buffet. Now you have to actually order food there. Such a bummer.”



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“In 2020, I was going to play Jafar in Aladdin for the school musical and then Covid came around, and we weren’t allowed to do the musical and since I was graduating that year, there was no chance of doing it again.”



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“They used to have hand-spun cotton candy at Minnesota Twins baseball games. It was awesome. Now they just have it in little pre-made containers from a factory. You get about 1/4 as much for the same price, and it’s not as fun either :'(.”



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“I was eight months pregnant, and the county fair was canceled so I didn’t get any fair food during my pregnancy, which is something I looked forward to for years.”



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“My full lung capacity.”



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“My local farmer’s market. It was something my teenager and I did together every chance we got.”



5. happy wih money
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“Affordable cost of living.”



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“Several of my favorite art supplies that I need for work were discontinued. It seems unlikely that they’ll ever reappear; the market for caricature markers and colors was already small.”



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“Lost a couple of my favorite restaurants.”



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“Socializing in general! Going to bars, casinos, traveling. Just the simple freedom of going anywhere without wearing a mask and not being in fear. Being forced to stay inside made my mental health so much worse!”



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“Flights. And then my work. I work for an aircraft manufacturing company. By the time countries started closing their borders, there were less flights.

After a couple of months, almost all aircrafts (mostly commercial) were grounded. Then a huge percentage of workforce were laid off. It was my dream job to work with aircrafts.

I’ve only been working there as an engineer for a year. I’ve studied and worked smart/hard to get that job. I really enjoyed working there. Great working environment. Plus it pays really well.

I never felt discriminated as a female engineer working in a male dominated profession /industry. I honestly saw my self working there long term, maybe until retirement. I’ve anticipated it’ll happen but I’m still pretty disappointed about it.”

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