Everyone learns at their own pace, and it’s unrealistic to expect anyone to know everything. However, there are certain things that most people learn by a certain age, and some people may find themselves embarrassed if they haven’t learned them yet.

A user took it to the forum, and asked “What did you learn at an embarrassingly late age?”, and here are the top responses. 


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“That pineapples grow on bushes, one at a time why but I thought they grew on trees.”


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“It’s “wind chill factor” not “windshield factor”. I’m 28 and learned that last year. Been saying it wrong for so long.”


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“I didn’t know that ducks could fly until I was like 18ish. I guess I just never saw them fly, but regularly saw them walking across the road.

I came to the realization that they can in fact fly when I was delivering furniture, and saw some ducks on a roof. I asked the driver how the ducks got up there, and after he got past the shock of my question he explained they can fly.”, said one user.


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“I was born in 1967 and am the youngest of four children; the first three were adopted and are not related to each other. Late in the game I was born, my parents’ only natural child. I was told from an early age that being adopted is exactly the same as being a biological child and that it’s perfectly normal and a lot of families have adopted kids.

I was told that there is absolutely no difference between us we’re all the same. But along the way I guess I got my wires crossed and thought that every family was a mix of some biological and some adopted kids. I was probably 13 years old when I realized that our family was a bit of an anomaly.

I was in literature class and we were reading a story about a troubled child who had difficulty dealing with being adopted and I remember asking the kid next to me “how many of yours are adopted?”, and she looked at me like I had horns growing out of my head. This led to me asking the teacher and I stayed after class that day and we talked about it. That’s also when I realized exactly how hard my parents worked to make sure that my sisters and brother felt absolutely loved.”, said one user. 


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“I was in my late 20s just out of grad school and in a new job. I was told to take minutes for the meeting. I told my co worker that providing the amount of minutes for a meeting was stupid because why did it matter if it was 59 min or 58 min?

She patiently told me it meant to take notes, not document how many minutes the meeting ran. I felt stupid.”, said one user. 


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“I couldn’t snap my fingers until I was 18. I just didn’t understand the mechanics of it. I still don’t know how to whistle properly or loudly.”, said one user. 

“I’m 37 and I can’t snap my fingers or whistle. I tried so many times when I was younger but I just couldn’t ever do it and I eventually stopped caring enough to try anymore.”, said another user. 


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“I got to my late 30s until I actually heard Chick-fil-A pronounced. For years, I thought it was pronounced “Chick-fil-uh” rather than “Chick-fil-A.” And I thought it was a really weird name.

So all those years, I’d say, “Hey, let’s run by Chick-fil-uh” and people thought I was being ironic. Little did they know!”, said one user


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“That lamb and sheep are the same animals. This was 2 years ago when I was 43”, said one user.

“Thanks for letting me know. From a 37-year-old”, another user replied.


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“I was about 12 when I learned Easter was a religious holiday. I asked friends why they had to go to church on Easter instead of looking for candy and colored eggs. Yes, I was raised in a non-religious household.”, said one user.


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“GOAT= Greatest Of All Time. I found that out earlier this year. I’m 33.”, said one user.


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“I’m 50 and it was only earlier this year that I learned how to cook rice. I always thought it was a tricky process because rice cookers are a thing, and I thought I needed one to make it. Turns out you just need to boil some water”, said one user. 


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“At 43, I learned that raisins are dried up grapes.”, said one user.


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“That movies are called “movies” for the same logic films with sound were called “talkies” when they first came out. Because they’re literally “moving pictures”.”, said one user.


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“I forgot how to tie my shoes once when I was 12 or 13. I spent the whole summer slipping on my old shoes that were already laced and tied, then I got a new pair of shoes for school.”, said one user.

“I’m 29. I can barely tie my shoes and I can’t drive”, added another user. 


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“I didn’t know that pickles are just brined cucumbers”, said one user.

“I thought they grow from trees like that, all sour and soggy. And the brine solution is just there to maintain its condition.”, said another user. 

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