Even though having a full-time job, people are looking to earn a secondary source of income to save money. It also helps to build money for vacations and emergencies.

A user asked the forum, “How would you make $200 a week with computer skills? Looking for Ideas.” Here are the top responses.


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“I gave private computer lessons to old people for $50/hour. Had a lot of repeat customers, and I’d show them the same thing over and over again. I’d find out what they like and show them how to use the internet to explore.

Also, set up a few Facebook accounts and dating profiles. Set up routers and whatnot. Installed a new surround system for an old guy. It kind of turned into a semi-handyman service centered around technology stuff.

I made business cards and put them in a Postnet and a community center. ‘Private computer lessons at your home on your PC’ was my slogan. Some weeks, I pulled down close to a grand.


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“$200? Bro, you’re thinking too small.

Do SMMA (Social Media Marketing Agency); you can learn it easily if you don’t already know ALL of it. Cold Contact small businesses charge them $500-$1000 per month (a great deal for them) to manage their social media.

I’m about to sign a client for over $2000/mo that is going to take pictures and create the content for me and send it to me, and I just have to post it three times a week on their account (with the content they’re generating). Super easy!

If they want to run ads, then they have to pay for the budget, and you can charge a service charge for “managing the ad.”

I’m telling you, small businesses (especially service businesses that tend to be more male-dominant, such as plumbers, landscapers, etc.) don’t understand social media and don’t want to take the time to learn it, BUT they all know they should be on it.

It takes a huge burden off their plate, takes you about 5-10 hours a month, and you can scale till you’re out of time in a month, then hire out $15/hr for someone else to do it for you. Easy, scalable, no education (other than YouTube tutorials)!

I’m starting a newsletter for side hustles like this if you want to join; we haven’t launched yet, though.”


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“How about teaching basic skills to people who are not that tech-savvy.”


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“I live in a town of about 100,000 people. A lot of local (non-chain) businesses. A lot of them do not have websites but rely on Facebook, which I think is a horrible idea, and I feel like they’re missing out on potential customers.

I think a person could approach these businesses and offer a small website design and hosting. It would be cheap to build, cheap to host, and relatively inexpensive for the customer.

I would offer it with a one-time setup cost and then an annual fee to host it.”


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“Setup a router. Believe it or not, tons of people can’t do it.”


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“Use AI to make faceless Snapchat and Instagram.”


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“As a side hustle? I would probably try to hit garage sales, thrift stores, and estate auctions and flip things you know about on eBay.”


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“Become an affiliate, then teach/sell software or support your users who use said software. Spending on your skill set, you could offer a lot of options. Check out a tool like Xolby, get familiar with it, then ask to become an affiliate and sell.”


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“Online sports betting. Use the skills to make an odds scraper to find arbitrage opportunities.”


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“Fiverr or other freelancing gigs. You can make a steady stream of income. Just do some research on what the top-recommended gigs are and whether or not it’s in your wheelhouse.”

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