Many mind-blowing facts go unacknowledged by most people, hidden away from the public eye. A user asked the forum, “What’s an unusual fact that most people don’t know?”. Let’s read the top responses, they’ll blow your mind!


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“The original Santa Claus was dressed in green robes. Coca-Cola is responsible for the joly looking fat man dressed in red.”


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“Blobfish aren’t supposed to be pink or have a blob-like structure. They look that way on land because they’re meant to be 4,000 feet underwater. When they’re at the ocean’s surface, their body is severely damaged.”


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“A quarter of the population of Iceland is part Native American because when Lief Ericsson landed in Newfoundland, he brought one Native American woman back with him.”


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“When someone gets a kidney transplant, they generally just cram the new one in and don’t take out the old ones. So the person ends up with three kidneys.


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“The Korean people have an enzyme that makes us have dry ear wax and a propensity to lack body odor. For the first 20 years of my life, I had no idea why my earwax was flaky when everyone else’s was more like a jam or paste and why I didn’t have to wear deodorant.

I’m not saying that Koreans are immune from body odor, but it is much less prevalent and requires much more disregard for hygiene.”


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“A day on Venus (one complete rotation around its axis) is longer than a year (a complete revolution around the sun) on Venus.”


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“Portugal is the world’s largest producer of cork.”


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“I have recently learned that Lobsters don’t display senescence which is the deterioration of the body as it ages. Their bodies are continuously growing, and their exoskeletons get heavier and heavier; hence when they molt into a new exoskeleton, it takes more and more energy to take off the old one.

Eventually, they die because one day they just go, ‘Yeah, so like, this exoskeleton is too heavy, so imma just go meet Lobster God and head out from the mortal world.’

Now a thought. If a group of people helped a lobster shed its exo- skeleton and if said lobster kept growing, technically, a giant lobster could be brought into existence should the lobster not die from old age.”


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“Wearing white wedding dresses only came into fashion after Queen Victoria started the trend. White isn’t meant to have any other meaning or represent purity, as many people think.

Before this trend, most brides just wore their best dress of any color as it was expensive to buy a dress just for the occasion.”


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“Pink used to be a masculine color.

During the height of the British Empire, the soldiers in the far reaches of the world donned their red coats in battle and patrol.

The newer recruits would look especially sharp with a bold red color. The rugged war heroes, though? Their coats were faded and worn into more of a pink color.

If you saw a guy wearing a pink coat, odds are they have stories to tell with a thousand-yard stare. This became a desirable thing to show off your experience and grit.

Hence pink was associated with combat prowess and ruggedness and became a masculine color during that time.”


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“Buzkashi is a popular Afghan sport played with the decapitated corpse of a goat.”


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“The tongue of a blue whale weighs the same as a fully grown African Elephant.”


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“LEGO manufactures more tyres than any other company on the planet.”


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“The Rodney King beating was only recorded because the man who filmed it was trying to record the shooting of what would be the Bad to the Bone scene in Terminator 2 at the biker bar.

The full-length version of the Rodney King video features Arnold Schwarzenegger, while Terminator 2 has some of the Rodney King cop cruiser lights visible in the background.”


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“Octopuses have a brain in each of their tentacles as well as a main one in their body.”


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“The Najaf cemetery in Iraq is the largest in the world, spanning about 1500 acres and containing millions of bodies.”


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“Australia has almost 12,000 beaches along its 60,000km coastline. If you visited one per day, it would take more than 32 years to see them all.

However, it is suggested that you plan for three or four days at each destination, so you’re probably too late.”

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