You might consider many things everyday, but someone else might find them strange or unusual. A users asked, “What’s a thing people do that’s considered normal but strange to you?” Here are the top picks:

1. Tanning

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“As a black guy from Nigeria, I was so confused when I first heard of this concept. People purposefully paint their skin to look slightly darker or orange in some cases. The point is not to look pale, but I do not understand why being pale is terrible. It isn’t pale, just looking slightly more…white. Isn’t that what white people are supposed to be?

I never thought the function made sense, nor did it have justifiable reasoning. Pale skin looks acceptable to me. But then again, I’m not white.”


2. Wanting Different Hair

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“I’ve always noticed that people with curly hair want straight hair, and people with straight hair want curly hair. It’s just the way the world works.”


3. Celebrity Worship

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“Celebrity worship..cringe and usually gross.”

“The Kardashians as a whole. They contribute essentially nothing to society (net negative in some cases) and are just…everywhere. I don’t see the appeal, and when people are super into them, it makes me question their judgment. Like, can you not see this is a massive PR campaign?”


4. Worshipping The Rich

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“I would add rich worship to that in general.

We are taught to value people with no qualifications besides having a lot of money.

We think this makes them better than others when, in fact, they are just as dumb as the rest of us. Probably dumber in most cases.”


5. Sugar In Everything

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“Sugar added to everything (I’m in the US).”

“Especially to things that are meant to be healthy, like yogurt and oatmeal.”

“Bread from the US is considered cake in the UK, and then there is the difficulty in finding anything without extra added sugar, and it typically costs more.”


6. Open Casket Funerals

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“I dislike the concept of an open casket, but I once read a discussion about it where people explained that something about it gave them more closure to losing their loved one versus a closed casket funeral.”


7. Lawncare

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“Lawncare. I never understood the obsession of spending hours a week maintaining perfectly lush weed-free patches of just grass.”


8. Beauty Standards

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“Beauty standards are particular, and anything that differs from it, even an iota, must be corrected. I have porcelain skin naturally and have been told I needed to tan my whole life. I have also been told I’m *too* white. I usually respond that I’m supposed to be this color, and people have no comeback.”


9. Asking About Kids

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“Ask about when a couple will have kids. We would never ask about each other’s private life but suddenly, when a parent wants grandkids it’s ok?”


10. Overpaying For Brands

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“Overpay for “Brand name” clothes just because they have a HUGE logo on the front. I remember decades ago, a girl in college was ecstatic that the nearby store was selling Tommy Hilfiger windbreaker jacket and pants for “only $100”. I thought of all the comfortable and good-looking shirts and pants I could buy with that money, still look good, and not have a massive billboard on myself.

I get the feeling many of those clothes are just to let everyone else know that you got disposable money while acting as a free billboard for the company you paid a lot of money for… that many times doesn’t hold up over time. Many people stop wearing after a year or two.”


11. Giant Fake Nails

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“Giant fake nails. I find that they look unsightly and seem unhygienic.”


12. Gender Reveal Parties

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“Gender reveal parties. I care if your baby is healthy; I care if your baby is loved. I do NOT care about your baby’s reproductive organs.”

“I hate them too! What is the point of being excited over one of two choices? Plus, no one besides you cares that much about your kid.”


13. Influencers and Filters

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“Influencers and filters. I have never seen the appeal. It can go under the whole celebrity worshipping as well. I enjoy a few actors and actresses, but I think it can go a bit far. Reminds me of the section in Peoples magazine where it says,’ Celebrities are just like you!’ Then it shows them eating a hamburger or something, lol. It always rubbed me the wrong way.”


14. Taking Selfies

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“Taking selfies and posting them. I don’t understand that type of narcissism and attention-seeking.”


15. Marriage

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“Marriage. I get it from a religious point of view, I guess. But I’m not religious. And I don’t understand why non-religious people are so quick to marry. First of all, so many of the “traditions” with weddings are so strange-seeming to me. Like it almost feels creepy and cult-ish.

Also, other than tax purposes, what is the difference between being married and being in a long-term relationship? A piece of paper and the title of “husband and wife,” that’s about it.

I’ve been “engaged” for like six years lmao. We might do it someday, just so I have the same last name as my kids, but I am in no hurry. I’d much rather spend a tonne of money on a cool vacation than a wedding.”

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