Good food directly lifts our mood and gives us a sense of comfort. 

A user asked the forum, “What meal says ‘home’ to you?” Here are the top responses. 


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“Green enchiladas because it was the first meal I cooked together with my dad. It’s also my all-time favorite food. I can eat it every day.”


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“Chilli. My dad makes it good, and it makes me incredibly happy.”


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“Beans and rice with homemade tortillas.”


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“Beef pot roast with all the trimmings.”


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“My mom’s stuffed shells because I’ve never made them myself. Not because I can’t; it’s just never occurred to me in all the years I’ve been away from home. They aren’t hard, but they take some time, so sometimes I request them when I come home from college.”


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“Chicken curry with rice.”


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“Banana cake. My dad used to make it for me before he died; anyways, it’s a great meal.”


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“My mom’s chicken soup. So, so good. I haven’t lived with her in decades, but when I go home, and she serves that up, it’s the happiest part of returning.”


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“Chef Boyardee Pizza Kit’s pizza, with extra pepperoni and mozzarella added because the included toppings are sad, plus lemon pepper, my mom’s favorite spice.

It was my favorite meal when I was a kid. I haven’t seen these kits in a long time, but I may have had my eyes peeled for them. Would be the most incredible nostalgia bomb.”


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“Pork Chops with kraft mac and cheese.”


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“Cornish pasties, I remember coming home from a long day at school and my dad having these ready to eat for a snack.”


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“Cubed steak and gravy in the crockpot on a slow simmer all day. Mound that is over the top of a soft, pillowy bed of mashed potatoes.

After you’ve eaten all that heavenly goodness, you take your biscuit and sop up every remaining gravy.”


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“My wife makes a good roast. But I still love cooking a steak with wine sauce, bread, asparagus, and mashed potatoes.”


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“Egg noodles with butter and black pepper.”


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“Rice and chopped meat. I used to eat it every day after soccer practice, and it never got old.”


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“‘Chicken and dumplings’ wasn’t even technically at my ‘home’ technically. I grew up in an abusive home, but I vividly remember a couple of nights when I stayed at my mom’s friend’s house. 

She had a daughter about my age that I hung out with, and on the first night staying there, she served chicken and dumplings, and the memories of comfort, fun, and feeling a little loved to come back every time I eat them again.”

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