Despite our best efforts, certain aspects of our true selves inevitably reveal themselves to others.

 A user asked the forum, “What is something people think they hide really well, but everyone around them knows what’s going on?”. Here are the top responses.


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“Compulsive lying. I have a family member who will make up ridiculous stories. There’s no way anyone could believe them. But everyone just goes with it.”


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“Drug addiction. Meth heads have themselves fully convinced that they are acting normal. I had to go up to the courthouse last year, and there was a woman who was 90 pounds soaking wet, sores all over her face, track marks on her arm, bouncing off the walls on the high-speed chicken feed.

She had a little pit bull puppy with her, and she insisted on making conversation with the policeman standing by the front door. Then she would put the dog down and run out of the courthouse so the dog would chase her, get to the road, run back, and presume to talk to the cops like nothing had happened. The self-assurance was unmatched.”


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“Disinterest. You almost hear the silence echo behind their eyes and placid smiles”


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“People who like to “throw shade” in a way they think is terribly witty and subtle and that only their close friends and accomplices will notice – never the person they’re mocking who is too polite or embarrassed to call them out on it.”


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“Body odour.

You get nose blind to it; they don’t.

Shower, and if you need it, wear stuff to help.”


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“Me after I smoke a fat bowl and show up to the function.”


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“Surfing the internet at work.”


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“I feel like I can always tell when people dislike me despite them trying to be subtle about it.”


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“Attraction to someone. Even if it’s subtle, there are still changes in body language and mannerisms to show it.”


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“Their eating disorder. A lot of people try to disguise it as being really into fitness or becoming vegan or having food allergies, but when you get so thin that a gust of wind will send you flying, we all know what’s really going on.”


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“When a couple is unhappy in their relationship/marriage.”


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“Trauma and mental illness. If you know your own tells and someone else shares a few you can read them like a book.

Jumpier than normal? Probably leftovers from a household where mom and dad fought a lot.

Playing with hair out of nervousness instead of to be cute/occupy your brain briefly? Anxiety at peak.

Weirdly okay with pain? They’re probably into that.

Smile fades as soon as they think no one can see them. That’s either an introvert near the end of their battery cycle or a rather depressed individual. Maybe both.”


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“Heavy steroid use.

You put on 40lbs of lean muscle mass in 30 days, taking some “all natural supplement” you just happen to be sponsored by? Yeah, okay.”


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“Autism apparently, according to studies. People can tell something’s up, but not exactly what it is.”


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“Judgment. Some people wear their judgment on their sleeve but think they hide it.”


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“Baldness. I was going bald and decided to take matters into my own hands and shave it off. Next work day, no one noticed.”


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“Being racist. There are a lot of people who do not realize how racist they sound or act. When anyone starts a comment with “I am not racist but…” or “Not to sound racist but,” that’s a dead giveaway, you racist.”

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