A user asked the forum, What’s the cringiest thing you’ve seen a bride and groom do for their wedding? 


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“Long ago, I worked at a banquet hall and witnessed a fully NASCAR-themed wedding. During the reception, they played the audio of the proposal going out over the PA at the track. It was fully unintelligible. 

Other highlights were the owner locking himself in his office to avoid the bride’s father because he was threatening him to haggle on the costs.

In the end, we had to call the police because the bride in gown climbed over the bar to steal more sweet, sweet MGD after we had closed the taps and the event was over.”



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“In-laws wedding and groom and all groomsmen were wearing a tux and a ball cap. The groom had a dip of tobacco. His groom’s cake was designed like a Copenhagen can.” 



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“I was a photographer for a wedding where the bride was marrying a man with two kids from a previous relationship. I was in the bridal suite when the bridal party was getting ready, and all of the bridesmaids had matching silk robes. The flower girl (the groom’s daughter) was there too.

They asked me to take a group photo of the bridal party, and one of the women in a silk robe was standing awkwardly to the side. I thought she was just shy or something, so I waved her into the photo, and the room got DEAD silent, and the bride was like, “Oh no, we don’t want her in the photos,” and glared at me like I should’ve known that!

Apparently, she was the groom’s ex-wife and was there to take care of the flower girl, but WHY DID YOU GIVE HER A MATCHING BRIDESMAID ROBE? I wanted to crawl in a hole and die.”



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“My uncle not only brought up his daughter’s ex-boyfriend in his speech but talked about their toxic relationship for a solid 5 minutes. I highly recommend preparing a speech before talking in front of a room full of people.”



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“Groom changed who his “Best Man” was and didn’t tell the original BM until the start of the ceremony. Bride & Groom asked a guest to bartend the reception AT the reception

Groom “dirty danced” with his step-mom. Bride & Groom hauled their wedding party up to do a choreographed dance to Meatloaf’s ‘Paradise by the Dashboard Lights’ but didn’t give them any pre-warning or teach them the dance. That song is 8.5 minutes long.

The wedding was at a scenic boarding school campus during the summer. Guests were told dormitories were complementary to stay in. Guests were not told there would be no bedding provided or A/C in the building. The groom later emailed everyone who stayed in a dorm asking for money.

The same Bride & Groom chose another friend’s wedding reception as the right setting to yell at a 3rd pair of mutual friends for not including them in their wedding party.”



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“Requiring every attendee to bring a date because she didn’t want “sad, lonely people on her day. Not my friends, luckily, but pretended to be a friend’s date because she really wanted to see her cousin get married.”



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“Potluck wedding with no alcohol or music. The groom kept showing people his flask and bragging about it. Macaroni was the only redeemable thing; when I went to scoop, there was hair in it. Very sad.”



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“Dated a girl in my 20s and went to her friend’s wedding in upstate New York. In the middle of the service, the minister’s cell phone rang; he answered, it was God; God wanted to talk to the groom; conversation lasted a couple of minutes, then the ceremony continued.”

“This happened right before our wedding. We were set to have my now husband’s family friend, that’s a Pastor, be our officiant. I am not religious whatsoever, but open to anything. My husband’s late mother was a Sunday School teacher, and so his family is pretty religious.



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“Anyway, we went to the pastor’s house to go over our wedding plans and everything, and he asked me if I was going to center my marriage around God. The answer was no. It got awkward REAL fast. It became a back-and-forth as to why I won’t accept Jesus and how awful that is. He didn’t like it either. We were getting married at a country club. He then refused to do the wedding. We scrambled and found our town’s Mayor to marry us. I made my own ceremony and wrote the whole thing from scratch.

Then the day of the wedding, the Mayor mentioned her recent back surgery and just wanted to get this over with. She called my husband “Eric” multiple times – his name is Evan, and she was high on painkillers, so she went off script there for a bit. Have you ever watched I Now Pronounce You, Chuck, and Larry? Yeah, she did the whole marriage in a circle script. It took everything we had not to die laughing.

And that pastor? He showed up and watched the whole thing go down. We got a picture of him at our wedding. He and his wife cropped us out of it, and he made it his profile picture.”



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“I wasn’t a guest; I was working the wedding. The bride got drunk and sat on some other dude’s lap for two hours and flirted with him while the groom sat by himself at the head table with a defeated look on his face.”



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“Speeches. My God, the speeches! Here’s the back story. The reception was scheduled for right after the ceremony but at a different location. We couldn’t eat until the wedding party got there.

They showed up 2 hours late because they were cruising around on the party bus and drinking. After showing up, they decided to do the speeches before dinner. Speeches from the best man, the maid of honor, a few parents, and random people. I’ve never listened to so much boring crap. It took more than an hour to get through them all.

So basically, everyone sat around with no music and no food for 3 hours! The bar wouldn’t open either, so we had only water to drink. Nearly everyone, including me, left after eating. It was disrespectful to their guests.”



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“Not wedding but engagement ceremony. They reenacted a scene from an old romantic film about two lovers in the 1800s. In front of like 300 people.”



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“At the beginning of the reception, we all had to stand up and sing the national anthem.

To be clear, this was in another country I’d never been to a wedding in before, so I thought, “ok, maybe this is just a tradition I’ve never heard of before here!” Then I told this to other people, and they were all like, “No, that’s just really weird.”



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“Also, at that wedding, the father of the groom ended his speech with what I’m sure he thought was an amazing joke on how it’s easier to build a bridge to Hawaii than to understand what a woman is thinking. It would have been awkward enough had the man not also been standing between his ex and current wife as he was delivering it.”



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“Oh, I have two!

  1. The bride decided to sing as she walked down the aisle. She was not a particularly talented singer, and she was singing over a Carrie Underwood song so we could all hear the original vocal track. She finished walking about halfway through the song and then stood there and sang the rest of the song at the groom, and all we could do was sit there and watch.
  2. (Different wedding) They began the wedding with the groom playing an out-of-tune guitar and singing to the bride. They were sitting on chairs in front of everyone, legit 400 people and the bride was clearly uncomfortable, which made everyone else uncomfortable. That wedding also included a foot-washing ceremony, and when the bride put her shoes back on, she tripped on her dress and fell flat on her face. They hadn’t made the vows yet, and the ceremony stopped for 20 minutes to deal with the nosebleed she gave herself.”



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“When I was at a wedding of my parent’s friends, the groom tried to throw a decently sized piece of cake at the bride, who moved out of the way; the cake ended up hitting my 76-year-old grandma. We all had a good laugh. But we were all cringing at the same time at the missed cake attempt.”



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“Bride shows up almost 2 hours late to her own wedding. Southern California in an open field, no water, no shade. She shows up and wants to get married in her yoga outfit. The groom shut it down, and when she refused to change her clothes, the groom decided to leave her looking stupid, and they never got married.”


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