Some facts might sound interesting, but they are good for nothing.

A user asked the forum, “What is the most useless fact you know?” Here are the top responses. 


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“Concrete is the second-most used substance on earth after water.”


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“Gary Numan is thirteen days older than Gary Oldman.”


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“Bees get drunk by drinking juice from fermenting fruit, and their sister bees don’t let them into the hive until they sleep it off and sober up because alcohol could ruin an entire batch of honey. They also get into fights with other drunk bees.”


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“Kit-Kats are made in a near-zero waste facility. The imperfect Kit-Kats get ground up and made into a crispy filling. So Kit-Kats are made of Kit-Kats, which were also made of Kit-Kats, and so on.”


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“The longest word in the English language that doesn’t repeat a letter is Uncopyrightable.”


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“Polar bear hair is not white. It’s obvious. The white we see is just luminescence.”


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“Whale’s milk is the same consistency as toothpaste.”


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“Buttons are located on different sides depending on whether it’s female or male clothing. It’s because servants used to dress us more.”


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“Before Paul Allen and Bill Gates founded Microsoft, the two sold a single-purpose computer (built by Paul and programmed by Bill) that measured road use by counting the cars that passed a spot.”


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“Strawberries aren’t a type of berry.”


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“The Titanic had an entire room devoted to potatoes.”


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“The shortest official war was 38 minutes long.”


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“Elephants are the only mammal with four knees.”


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“Trivia is the Roman goddess of where three roads meet.”


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“Bananas are naturally slightly radioactive due to their potassium content.”


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“The Milky Way and Andromeda galaxies will collide in 4 million years.”

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