Change is the only constant in life. New developments and changes are happening all the time, and they can be both positive and negative. Some of these changes are truly groundbreaking and promising, while others can be quite scary.

A user took it to the forum, and asked “What scares you about the future of the country?”, and here are the top responses.


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It’s becoming increasingly difficult to obtain accurate information about current events because media outlets in America value profits over journalistic integrity.

State media has its own issues too, and any attempt by the government to rein in misinformation will be seen as a violation of the First Amendment, so it will be up to individuals to see through it all and not be misled by manufactured outrage”, said one user.



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We are not really dealing with the issue of water supply in drier, fast growing areas. I don’t know how places like Vegas and Denver and Phoenix and I’m sure many other places will be able to keep growing as their water supplies become more strained.

In regards to Denver, I worry that they’ll look east for water, which might affect a lot of agriculture, which already is using too much water, and in short, I fear that at some point, though maybe not in my lifetime, the Great Plains will basically be a desert.

This is related to water too, but I wonder why we keep having water heavy agriculture in places like Southern California, Arizona, and even the Great Plains where the Ogallala Aquifer is shrinking.

Not only is it just water used for livestock and feed but things like Almonds and Alfalfa that use a lot of water and yet probably are going to be kept going because nobody would want to get rid of such subjects or put farmers out of business, even if it’s just a lot of corporate farms and large independent farmers that might as well be corporate”, said one user.



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To be honest, even though there are lots of obvious issues facing this country which others have brought up in this thread, the issue that actually scares me the most is the rapid advancement of AI. I am not even talking about it in a science fiction Terminator kind of way.

Our ability to distinguish fiction from reality is at an all time low and is just getting lower with the advancement of AI. Use of AI will soon be cheaper than labor for menial office jobs, and more than anyone else, the middle class will suffer and the wealth gap will grow even bigger”, said one user.



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I don’t know if I was just a happy, normal kid from 2000-2015, but I’ve always been aware people had different opinions on presidents and certain hot button issues like religion and gay marriage, but it seemed like there was more of an ability to “agree to disagree” in a peaceful manner.

It also seemed like you could reasonably be in a relationship with or marry someone who didn’t perfectly align with your politics and still make it work. These days, it feels like such a clean 50:50 split between people who lean hard left and people who lean hard right with moderates all but being non-existent”, said one user.



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It was bad enough when a lot of people were getting their news from cable television. Cable news mostly just reinforces already-held beliefs only louder & with less nuance.

Now it seems a lot of people are getting their news from social media & that’s downright apocalyptic”, said one user.



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I’m horrified by our educational system. They’re rewriting textbooks to leave out the Holocaust, slavery and other significant events in humanity. They’re banning books. It’s terrifying”, said one user.

“I’m a public children’s librarian. I hate this. I want all the kids to come to the library and learn everything”, added another user.



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Young people who are willing to do anything for social media clout”, said one user.

“That’s an international problem, sadly. It might be a fad, though (hopefully)”, added another user.



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The current literacy rate free fall scares me so badly”, said one user.

“People being anti-education – both our public schools and college. College is a dirty word to some now. 60% of people agree that college makes you lose common sense”, added another user.



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The worst effects of the obesity epidemic are yet to truly show themselves. Becoming obese in your mid ages is one thing, but it is astronomically worse on your body if you’re obese as a young person. We don’t have a lot of statistics on this because of how rare that was 40 years ago, but the research we do have is unbelievably alarming.

Extremely elevated rates of heart disease, cancer, developmental issues, diabetes etc among those who were obese during their childhood.

Far, far worse than becoming obese later on in life. In 20-30 years, we are going to see a lot of 40 year olds who have been obese since they were kids have the health of 75 year olds. And a lot of the damage by that point will be irreversible”, said one user.



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Financialization of everything, money overtaking our politics, becoming a culture that worships millionaires and billionaires and prizes greed and profit and accumulation above literally everything else.

Clean air, clean water, healthcare, education, democracy, are in question because they take a backseat to greed and profit accumulation”, said one user.


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