Though you may have read about red flag traits, some people’s hobbies can also be red flags. A user asked, What’s a hobby someone can have that is an immediate red flag?

1. Obsessed with Social Media

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“Posting everything, every single thing on social media.”

“I left a girl once because every time we were out in public, it just turned into a photo shoot. Not fun – she was a photographer and expected that quality shot.”

2. Splashing Pedestrians

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“My old roommate used to go out driving on rainy days specifically to splash pedestrians. That seems pretty red flag to me.”

“That’s straight-up evil.”

3. Enjoying Any Animal Fight

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“Dog fighting”

“Or rooster fighting, you know, the bird one.”

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4. Stalking People For Fun

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“There was a post of a guy that was angry at his mother because her hobby was to find random people on the net, find everything about them, and message them about it.”

“This is a new level of horrifying. I’m pretty sure it’s also considered cyber-stalking.”

5. Making Fake Videos

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“Making fake animal rescue videos. Abusing animals. Hurting and making fun of homeless people for content.”

“Do you know the one where “pranksters” put toothpaste in Oreos and gave them to a homeless guy? Yeah, that was messed up.”

6. Spending More Than They Can Afford

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“Adopting too many kids/animals. Especially when you can’t afford them.”

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7. Gambling Regularly

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“From living in Vegas, I see the pattern of people having a bad poker night and then going to “less skill-oriented games” to make money back. A $200 loss can become a $5000 in a few minutes.”

8. Family Vlogging

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“Family vlogging completely violates children’s privacy. Using kids to shore up your online presence is not ok.”

“Parents are pimping their kids on Patreon and the like. I watched two videos the other day, exposing that people can buy a ” exclusive picture sets” of several 8-14 yo girls who are prominent on TikTok via parent-run accounts.

They showed the metrics, and their viewers and buyers were 75% males, between the ages of 23-47. It is insane. Of course, the pics were blurred in the exposé, but the pics were said to be bikini pics of little tween and teen girls. Disgusting.”

9. Collecting Blood Slides

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“Collecting blood slides. My friend had one next to his table next to his AC unit. When I asked him about he gave me this weird smile and claimed it was for work. I never had beers with him since.”

10. Trolling For Fun

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“Arguing with strangers on the internet, not like usual discussions or anything, just taunting people because you’re bored.”

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11. Anyone Who Is Into Kids beauty pageants

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“I dated a girl in L. A who had taken part in beauty pageants going back to when she was a kid. She had a good amount of success with it, and She was most certainly a beauty, but man, she was utterly crippled with anxiety. Those pageants mess up the girls that start young.”

“Normally, the kind of mom who puts her daughter in pageants cares a lot about physical appearances.”

12. Expensive Hobbies

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“Anything that they can’t afford. Making $50k but collecting Rolex watches? Red flag.”

13. Partying All Days

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“A person whose ONLY definition of having fun is parting and heavy drinking or end up wasted every time it’s out. Emotional issues trying to be covered up.”

14. No Hobbies

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“Not having a hobby at all is probably up there. A hobby or something productive/engaging to do in your spare time is essential to a healthy life.

If you’ve met a person with no hobbies, you’ll know exactly what I mean; they tend to bad-talk when they’re bored, can’t fully contribute to many types of conversations, and can be boring to talk to because they don’t have a whole heck of a lot to talk about.”

15. Astrology Craze

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“Astrology. Not really as an interest, but when they stop talking to someone because they’re are an Aries or whatever, rubs me the wrong way.”

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