A Redditor asked on a popular forum, “Frequent Flyers of Reddit: What are Your Airport “Life hacks?” and here are the top picks:

1.  Take A Picture Of Where You Park

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Taking a picture of where you parked at the airport can be helpful because it allows you to easily remember the location of your vehicle, especially if you are in a rush or returning after a long trip. This can save time and reduce stress. Here’s what a Redditor has to say.

“Take a picture of where you park so that you remember when you return from a long trip. The employee parking lot at LAX is huge, and I hate wandering around looking for my car.” said one.


2. Buy An Aluminum-Frame Stealth Bag

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An aluminum-frame stealth bag can be helpful when traveling on an airplane because it provides a sturdy and durable option for carrying your belongings. It also offers added security and protection for fragile or valuable items.

“There are 2 bags: those that get destroyed in cargo bins, and those that destroy other bags in cargo bins. Get the second kind of bag. Buy an aluminum-frame Luggage Works Stealth bag or a Travel Pro. It’s what all crewmembers use for a reason.” said one.

“I was tired of burning through bags and finally asked a pilot what bag every one of you uses, and he pointed me to Luggage Works (PNT back then). It was pricy, but it’s a freaking tank. I love it. “


3. Airport Lost And Found

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The airport lost and found can be helpful for reuniting travelers with lost or misplaced items. This service can provide relief and convenience to those who may have accidentally left something behind, save the hassle and cost of replacing lost items, and sometimes help you in other ways like it helped a Redditor.

“If you lose or forget your phone charger, go to the airport lost and found. If they have any extras lying around, they’ll just give them to you if they’ve been there long enough (usually 90 days).” a user said.


4. Be Careful With Headphones

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Headphones could be why you miss your flight, as it did to a few Redditors.

“I once arrived at my gate an hour before boarding, and I wasn’t hungry, so I sat there and stared at my phone. Eventually, I started listening to some music. I sat there looking at Reddit & listening to youtube without looking up through the entire boarding process – and missed the flight.” another added.

You can also use headphones for a better flight experience. “Get a pair of noise-canceling wireless headphones. I have Bose, as I used to work there and like their headsets the best (I also use their Aviation headset for flying small planes). They’re not cheap, but they make a big difference in the overall experience.” a Redditor said.


5. Drink Lots Of Water

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Did you know staying hydrated can help reduce jet lag and promote overall comfort during the flight?

“I know you don’t want to get up to pee all the time, but on a long-haul flight, you’ll get sick, bloated, headachey, and dried out if you don’t hydrate. Drink up. You’ll thank me later.” said one.

“They say that dehydration is the biggest cause of jetlag, so drinking lots of water should help avoid that as well.” another added.


6. Carry Neckpillows or Pouches

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Neck pillows and pouches can be helpful during flights by providing neck/back support and a convenient place to store personal items like phones, passports, or headphones

“I carry one of those neck pillows; in its neck pillow bag clipped onto my carryon. I put everything I wanted to have quick access to on the flight. My tablet, headphones, cables, and a pen if flying internationally. That way, I don’t have to get up and try digging through my carryon after I’m already seated.” a user added.

“I have a pouch in which I put everything I might need during the flight (kindle, charger pack, cables, kleenex, chapstick). It fits in the seat back pocket, and I don’t have to elbow my seatmates excavating the rest of my bag!” another said.


7. Carry Earplugs

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Earplugs can be helpful during flights by reducing the noise level in the cabin and providing a more peaceful and restful environment for sleeping or relaxing. This can help reduce fatigue, promote relaxation, and increase overall comfort during the flight.

“Bring earplugs if sleeping or spending a night is a possibility. Airport PAs are constant and loud, and they seem doubly loud late at night without the background noise of crowds.” said one.


8. Find Your Gate First

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Redditors have experienced the need to find the gate to the flight first, and here’s what they have to say.

“It doesn’t matter how much time you think you have before your flight; find your gate first, and confirm it is the right one for your flight. Then, set the alarm on your phone to give you plenty of time to get back on board. Missing your flight because you don’t realize how far away your gate is will be a mistake you only make once, but better to not make at all.” a user said.

“I almost did that twice, one for a flight to Japan from Detroit, and the other being a flight from Detroit to Germany.” another added.


9. Don’t Rush Your Exit

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Rushing while exiting an airplane can be dangerous as it can lead to tripping or falling, especially on the narrow aisle and stairs. It’s essential to wait for your turn and follow the proper procedures to ensure a safe exit. Here’s what Redditors have to say on this.

“when exiting the plane, it isn’t a race from the back of the plane through the people sitting in front of you. You’ll get a chance to exit, I promise. Just wait and allow those in front of you to exit first. Have your bags as ready to go as possible but if they are out of reach, just wait.” a user said.

“If you need to get off the plane – be nice and courteous. If you explain to the people around you the situation you’re in, you’ll be surprised how many people understand.” another added.


10. Global Entry

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Global Entry is helpful because it expedites processing at U.S. Customs and Border Protection checkpoints for pre-approved, low-risk travelers. This can save time and streamline the entry process.

“Getting Global Entry was definitely worth it! I would have missed a flight waiting in line for over two hours after returning to the US. Still, instead, I waited not even 5 minutes, scanned my passport, and looked into a camera. Not to mention, I now have TSA pre-check for 5 years!” said one.

“If you travel more than 2 to 3 times a year, look at Pre-check, Global Entry, NEXUS, and SENTRI. The short lines basically make all the things.” another added.

We hope you found this list of airport “life hacks” useful. What is your best airport hack? Do comment below and share one with us. 

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