Doing a side hustle is the best way to entertain ourselves and, at the same time, get paid. 

A user asked the forum, ‘What’s your most profitable side hustle so far?” Here are the top responses.


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“Making Python scripts to wrangle data via API (Application Programming Interface), do some basic math, and store it into a spreadsheet. I charge a nominal fee for hitting the Run button. Then I schedule it to auto-execute so I don’t have to be at the computer.”


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“I started cleaning the house for $20 an hour last year. I hustled as I went from $300 a month to 4 digits in my pocket. Now I stay home and run the company and make dumb money doing nothing. 

I do like the work, though, and prefer to clean with the crews. It’s something you can do on the side or turn into a legit business.”


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“Becoming a UGC (User-Generated Content) creator on Fiverr. I quit my full-time job and have almost tripled my income. Crazy!”


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“Dog walking on Rover. Average $40 an hour, specialize in large dogs over 150 pounds that most dog walkers can’t control.”


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“Mobile DJ (Disc Jockey), easy $100-200/hr for a weekend party.”


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“Designing websites for small businesses.”


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“Tutoring. I have 20 students.”


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“Consulting. I joined a call for about an hour, just talking about my industry knowledge. I get over $100 per call. It comes in waves but can net me $2k quickly if I take on a few calls.”


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“Washing windshields and selling chiclets at the border.”


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“I design and sell cross stitch patterns in PDF (Portable Document Format) on Etsy. It’s not a huge money maker because I don’t have as much time to design and stitch the samples as I would like, but I have to do it once, and then the PDF just gets automatically sent to the buyer upon purchase, so very hands off once it is done.”


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“I swap out HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, And Air Conditioning) systems on the side or install new systems and usually make $3k-4k on a Saturday or Sunday.”


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“YouTube. Been clearing $4K per month from it through sponsorships.”


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“Job interview coach.”


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“Selling my art at artist markets.”


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“I work part-time in retail. Consistent income.”


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“Doordash and Uber Eats.”


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“Working absentee voting, and Election Day.”


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“I officiate several sports throughout the year. In football, I make about $300 a week, which rolls into basketball, and I work two nights a week and make $300 for four months. I used to do this full-time in college. Slowly stepped back to only work when I want and I get a workout in.”


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“Work for a plumber digging main drain holes. Get $300 daily.”


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“Reselling stuff. I don’t want to say exactly. After all, I don’t want other people getting in on it because I think only a few people do what I do in my area. 

I buy something for $200-600, put about 20 minutes into fixing it and letting the paint dry after, then reselling for almost twice as much. Also, it’s rare that I even have the item listed for more than three days.”

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