Little-known websites that offer opportunities to make money are scattered throughout the internet. Virtual earning is no longer a pipe dream, as many people are making significant sums of money by spending just a few hours online.

To find these hidden gems, you need to think outside the box and look beyond the popular and overused platforms. These websites can help you find gigs that match your skills and interests.

So, without further ado, let’s dig in. 


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Fiverr is a gig discovery platform where you can use your skills to earn money whether you are good at content creation, graphic design, writing, or video editing.

It is one of the best you can ask for. Many job givers are constantly hunting for individuals like you to take up their projects. 

The process is as simple as you can imagine. You have to build your profile by putting all the necessary details. You can elaborate on your skills and set a price. It also allows you to project your services in three tiers, basic, standard, and premium.

It has a favorable commission rate which entices users to sign up. You can browse through gigs with a simple search and bid on projects. The platform requires no upfront investment to use as a fresher. 

Just make sure to have an attractive portfolio and check the platform regularly. Once you land a gig, you can also ask the client to review it so that it helps you get projects later.


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Upwork is a freelancing platform with a vast array of freelance opportunities. You can find all sorts of work, from coding, writing to virtual assistance and marketing. 

Remember to select categories that match your skills while applying for jobs. To earn money on Upwork, you have to accumulate connections. This acts like a currency on the platform for job-seekers. Once you have identified a suitable job, you need to apply and wait for a response from the client. 

Upwork retains 10% of your earnings as commission. They will only charge once you have completed a project. It has a simple payment structure for smooth transactions. You can expect to earn 25 – $50 per hour with a few years of experience. 

Vocal Media

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This platform is for you if you possess exceptional writing skills and stay current with current events. Vocal Media connects freelance writers with brands and publishers. You can write articles, stories, reviews, and other content to generate monthly income. 

You can also leverage the platform to create video content. This further helps you to gain visibility and bag more gigs. 

Vocal Media offers competitive pay for your services. This makes it an attractive option for passive income too. You can find content writing jobs that align with your interests and expertise for better outcomes. 

Survey Junkie

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If you don’t know which skills you can use to earn money, Survey Junkie can be a solution. It is a platform with a straightforward way to make money without specific skills. 

All you need is a computer or a smartphone and free time from your daily time. Here, you can participate in surveys and earn cash, rewards, and various incentives. 

Upon completing survey questions, you will receive points you can later cash out. The platform also lets you purchase products with these points through partner stores. It has a reputation for rapid payouts and lets you cash out once you accumulate 500 points. 

Ask Wonder

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You can earn money online by participating in various research conducted worldwide. Wonder is a platform tailored for individuals with excellent research skills. If you have a curious mind and frequently spend time on the web, this is your chance.

It would help if you had a talent for clear and concise communication through writing to get gigs listed on the platform. 

All it takes is creating an account, setting up your profile, and selecting tasks matching your skills. Once approved, you can research and provide answers to various questions. 

This platform not only allows you to earn money but also allows you to be a part of the research industry. 

Current Rewards

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Okay, this one might blow your mind. This platform allows you to earn money by simply listening to music. You have to select the content that interests you and listen attentively. 

To get started, you need to download the app, create an account, and explore the available content. Apart from listening to music, you can earn points by completing easy tasks. These tasks range from taking surveys to watching videos. 


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Teachable is another fantastic platform that lets you create courses and sell them. Its potential for generating income is something to consider. 

It would be best if you had knowledge or expertise in a particular field to share with people. You can sell both video content and supplementary materials. Once you have uploaded the content, you must wait until someone enrolls to get paid. 

Amazon KDP

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Amazon KDP, or Kindle Direct Publishing, allows you to generate income by self-publishing your eBooks online. This endeavor requires creativity, writing skills, and a basic understanding of Amazon’s operations. 

Some knowledge of SEO can help you with visibility. To make money, you need to create an eBook, upload it to Amazon’s website, and promote it. You will be free to set your own prices for the book and earn up to 70% of the sales revenue. 

The platform is excellent and can provide the exposure you need. Additionally, you will have complete control over your eBooks, allowing you to manage pricing and promotional activities independently.


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Etsy is famous as an online marketplace. It primarily focuses on handmade and vintage goods. This is a reason why artists and crafters love the platform so much. 

The most important prerequisite here is that you must be skilled to earn substantially. Other than that, photography and listing skills are also good to have. 

First, you can set up your shop, list items at competitive prices, and allow customers to discover and purchase them. Etsy charges a nominal fee of 6.5% for each sale. 

This platform has a vast customer base, so you don’t need to worry about finding a customer base. Good products and reasonable prices do the trick. 

Amazon Merch

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You can earn money with Amazon Merch by leveraging your graphic design skills. This program allows you to create unique and custom design prints, which are then sold on demand. 

The process is simple. You design your artwork, upload it to the platform, and set a price. And then, if a customer places an order, Amazon will take care of the printing and shipping. 

This means you can focus solely on creating captivating designs and leave the logistics to Amazon. To maximize your earnings, learn to market and promote your plans on Amazon to increase sales. 

The platform is low-risk and does not require investment. This makes it a hassle-free and accessible way to generate income online.


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Homestyler is an innovative platform enabling you to create 3D designs of products and homes without cost. 

You can start by simply signing up for free. Once you are in, you can enjoy unlimited 1K rendering and free 2K and video rendering scopes using Home Styler points. 

The website lets you monetize these designs by offering services on platforms like By simply searching “3D design” on as a seller, you can find numerous people looking for 3D design experts. 

You can then bid on projects and sell these designs at a desirable cost. This is an excellent platform to use if you are creative.


What do you want? Portrait of irritated brunette man with small beard and mustache in casual shirt raising arms in anger, asking why, furious expression. indoor studio shot isolated on pink background
Image Credits: Deposit Photos is another renowned online platform that enables you to publish articles and attract an audience. The site has an impressive 142 million monthly visits and an average readership rate of nearly 2%.

You can monetize your content on through two primary avenues: reading time and referred memberships. 

First, you must apply and receive acceptance to publish stories to begin earning. Subsequently, you can also bring revenue through the amount of time readers spend on your content or by referring new members. 

You will receive payments every month. Remember, plagiarised content does not thrive on this platform. So make sure your content is 100% authentic before publishing. 


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Neighbor offers a seamless opportunity to make easy money without requiring specialized skills. You can capitalize on this platform by agreeing to the terms and conditions and adhering to local renting laws. 

The concept connects people seeking storage space with unused areas in their homes or garages. List your surplus storage space on the website and set a rental price to attract buyers. 

Eventually, interested parties will contact you to arrange rental duration and terms. This platform is a great way to monetize untapped dormant spaces in your home.


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Prolific is a research platform that allows you to participate in compensated studies. The research projects listed here cover social sciences, psychology, and consumer behavior. You can earn up to $10 per hour for your valuable contributions.


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Rumble is a video platform where you can monetize your video content. It has a user base of 44 million monthly users. 

The platform partners with renowned companies such as MTV, Xbox, and Yahoo, meaning you will get $50 if you gain approval from any of these partners. 

Moreover, if your video reaches the home page, you can earn an additional $100. Overall, it’s an excellent avenue for content creators to make money. 

Wealthy Affiliate

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Wealthy Affiliate can help you generate income online without any upfront costs. It allows you to learn everything about affiliate marketing and provides a space to use what you learned later. 

It has an eight weeks extensive training program, which comes with abundant resources. This empowers you to set up your own online business on the platform and earn money. 

You don’t need any prior experience in online entrepreneurship. Wealthy Affiliate equips you with everything necessary to transform your interests into a profitable venture.


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Task Rabbit is an ideal platform to earn easy money by completing simple tasks. The website allows you to make money via tasks posted by people needing assistance. 

From assembling furniture, making deliveries, and house cleaning to providing handyperson services, you can choose tasks that match your abilities. You will get to work on your terms and schedule. 

With each task completed, you will earn ratings on the platform. This will amplify your chance to earn cash.


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If you want to earn extra money without the need for special skills or investments, Gigwalk is the platform for you. It is another online platform offering simple tasks such as completing surveys or taking pictures. You can do these tasks with just a smartphone and an internet connection. 

You will have the flexibility to work at your own pace and choose tasks that suit your schedule. Joining Gigwalk is free, and you can start making money immediately by selecting and completing tasks posted by people. It’s convenient, accessible, and requires little time in a day. 

Side Hustle

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To begin with Side Hustle, you can use any specific skills. All you need to know is how it functions. The site has postings of various side hustles, and you can pick the one you feel is doable.

You can apply and earn extra income once you choose the side hustle that suits you.

Fun With Feet

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A website to sell feet pictures and make money. You don’t need to show face, just the feet and earn over $100 per picture.

 FAQs – Secret Websites To Make Money

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What Is The Best Website For Earning Money? Above, we have listed many websites for a diverse skill base to earn money. Choose the one you like and start now.

How Can I Make $100 A Day On The Internet? It depends on the skills you have. By consistently being on the above platforms, you can earn 100$ a day.

Where Can I Get Free Money Online? Nobody can give you free money., but you can surely do simple tasks and earn money.

How Can A Beginner Make Money Online? Most of the sites we have listed above do not require special skills. So you can earn money even if you are not an expert.

Final Verdict On Secret Websites To Make Money

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All these sites are reliable and can be used to earn a passive or an active income. It would be best to determine how much time you will spend on these platforms daily to generate good money. 

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