Traveling is always exhilarating, providing a refreshing break from the mundane. Have you ever visited a place that felt like a second home, calling you back for repeated visits?

A user asked the forum, “Which is the most addictive country for travel which makes you keep going back again and again?” Here are the common responses.


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“Italy, it’s not far away, it’s super diverse, it has the best food, and I just love it.”


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“Vietnam. You can have a different experience every time.”


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“Mexico because you have like five different climates all within 6 hours of each other. Each region has its own subculture/ endemic food. The landscapes are phenomenal, and there’s booze everywhere.”


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“Thailand. Easy, chill, good food, and relatively inexpensive.”


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“Greece! The first time I went, I was 17 or so. Then I went again in my early/mid-20’s and then again in my 30’s.

It’s always pulling me back for some reason. It’s truly an incredible country and people!”


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“I loved Taiwan. Been twice and planning to go for a third time.”


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“Iceland, went two times with my wife, and we talk about it every day how we only wanna go there on vacation. Your mind is at peace there; it does something to you you can’t explain.”


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“Spain and Portugal… food, sights, prices, people, lifestyle… I even looked at moving to Spain. Love it.”


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“I don’t travel much; I went to Istanbul for a company trip last month. The moment I left the city, I got post-holiday blues and booked tickets for my family to revisit the city this October.

I just love the food, the vibes of the street there, and the affordability overall (I came from a country with a weak currency, MYR).

If I ask this question again next year, I might change my mind as Taiwan and Japan as addictive to revisit.”


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“Scotland, wife and I are finishing our second long-distance hike here and already planning the next two or three trips back (also for long-distance hikes). The highlands are beautiful, the people are welcoming, and I’ve yet to be attacked by a sheep.”


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“The USA, and specifically the Rocky Mountains and desert areas. You have a huge range of climates and features, world-class skiing, rafting, hiking, small towns, and medium-sized cities to visit.”


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“Brazil. I have only been once, but it’s the one country I feel like going to again as of now.”


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“Switzerland. Although it’s expensive, the cities and scenery are beautiful.”


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“Just returned from my first trip to Namibia. Would go back in a heartbeat. Reasonably priced, beautiful scenery (ocean and desert), climbing dunes, seeing 30k-year-old cave paintings up close, incredibly nice and welcoming people.”


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“France. I always feel at home there. It was my first European country when I did school there as a teen, so it always tends to call me back. Four times and likely a 5th coming soon.”

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