When something becomes trendy among the affluent, it can acquire an aura of exclusivity and elevated pricing, effectively diminishing its accessibility to the general populace.

A user took it to the forum, and asked “What was ruined by rich people?”. Here are the top responses. 


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“I’m not paying 200 bucks for Pokémon emerald.”, said one user.

“The other day I saw a store trying to resell Mario 64 for $300 and a game boy color for $400. Like seriously?”, said another user. 


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“There’s an area in my city called the University District. I live with my partner and my brother, we’re all university students, and the three of us together can’t afford to live in that area.”, said one user.


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“Urban Bohemia has pretty much died off in every city on Earth. Now music venues, pubs and clubs get noise complaints and often have to close early.”, said one user.


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“I went every year for years and it really started changing for the worst in the years leading up to COVID. Don’t get me wrong, it’s still an amazing experience but you suddenly had an enormous number of people treating it like Coachella with ultra luxury tents, flying in in private jets, and never really mingling with others.

Increasingly a lot of long time burners started getting priced out and the whole experience felt a lot less communal.”, said one user.


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“Oxtail used to be poor people’s food, the part of the cow no one wanted to eat. I’m in my 40s and remember as a kid, for big family dinners, there was always a huge pot of oxtail stew full of meat because it was so dirt cheap. Pile your plate high and get seconds.

Then it was discovered how similar it is to osso buco, but at a stupid cheap price. Supply and demand drove the price way up. Tried to look up historical prices, was able to find that only 5 years ago it was $9/lb. Now it’s around $15/lb. My big sister says she remembers buying it as a teen, and it was maybe $2/lb

So,it went from a huge pot of stew, to a side meat dish to go with chicken, and you can get maybe 2 pieces of oxtail, to ‘oh Oxtail? You must be rich!’.

And now it’s gone to substituting with turkey necks, which is now dubbed ‘poor people’s oxtail’. The irony right?”, said one user. 


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“From what I’ve read, chicken wings used to be the same way – dirt cheap until the buffalo style wing took off.”, said one user.


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“Apparently there was a protest of the jailed in Maine that they were fed too much lobster. It is weird that it went from prison food to a delicacy.”, said one user.

“Lobster used to be blue collar food because when there were no refrigerated train cars, it was only available where there was fishing. That’s not where rich people lived.”, said another user.


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“I was outbid multiple times by the same people just gobbling up land and houses. I even was willing to pay asking price but would be outbid 30-50k everytime by the same 3 people.

They fortunately got their comeuppance during Covid and one went completely bankrupt. I unfortunately had to have someone in my extended family die to get an inside track to their house.”, said one user.


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“They used to be considerably cheaper and driven only by farmers.”, said one user.


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“Middle class will be slowly destroyed in the coming years. Dual income households will mean nothing. We will have to get 2nd and 3rd jobs, just to make ends meet.”, said one user.

“If there’s one thing that’s guaranteed about history is it repeats itself. Kings and peasants, Generals and soldiers, etc.

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